6 thoughts on “CrossTalk on Ukraine: Negotiated End?”

  1. A most annoying episode. The “host” kept interrupting you, never letting you finish a sentence, having his own agenda to push. You did get a couple of good points in, so never give up. It’s good to see you out there getting the word out every chance and place you get. And being fair and truthful on all sides.

    1. Thanks👍🏾 I was wondering why the original link was not working. They inadvertently legitimise RT by censoring it. It will look like they have something of worth to say, hence why they have been blocked. It’s counterproductive!
      Thanks again!

  2. It was a good talk… But just like Wyatt said there aren’t enough David’s in the Planet in order for Peace to have a chance to prevail.

    The degeneration of the uman animal prevents such evolution.

    1. Um, I’m human. Humans can do what they choose, including anything I’ve done and anything I haven’t done.

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