Who Should Have Won the Past 123 Nobel Peace Prizes

The Nobel Peace Prize is often criticized when the committee that awards it gives the prize to vicious warmongers and to people who’ve done great things that had nothing to do with abolishing war or armaments. But who would ideally have won the prize each year since 1901?

Fredrik S. Heffermehl has been the expert on the failings of the Nobel Peace Prize since he noticed something was wrong way back when Al Gore was the awardee. Heffermehl maintains this website http://nobelwill.org read more

20 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know About the War on Gaza

 1.It’s a U.S. war on the U.S. government’s preferred model.

The ideal war for the U.S. government and the weapons dealers that have such control over it is a war fought with U.S. weapons by non-U.S. fighters. The war in Ukraine, the Saudi war on Yemen, the current war on Gaza — these risk few U.S. lives directly but enrich U.S. oligarchs substantially. The only improvement would be a war like Syria, read more

Why Not Knowing How Israel Was Created Matters

It goes on mattering, decade after decade, that most U.S. students never encounter the word Nakba. It matters that Israel was created in 1948 through war/terrorism, through massacring families, driving some 750,000 people out of their homes, demolishing over 400 villages. It’s not difficult to know. Many books — even comic books read more

Pentagonism Prevails

Tyler Poisson has called attention to a 1967 Spanish-language book called Pentagonism. The author was the former President of the Dominican Republic, and victim of U.S. power, Juan Bosch. You can find it online free and in English by going here and clicking to borrow it for an hour (and another hour . . .).

As we prepare to bury the Monroe Doctrine on December 2nd, it’s worth considering Bosch’s description of how imperialism had already changed read more

10 Embarrassment-Free Methods of Flipping to Peace on Ukraine

Are you a network television executive, a newspaper editorial board member, a good citizen who obeys the President of the United States, or perhaps you are the President? Do you want to support negotiated compromise in Ukraine after having spent many months denouncing compromise as the treasonous work of Putin-funded commies? You’ve come to the right place. These methods have been used with great success by your peers for over a century. They are offered free and confidentially, with satisfaction read more