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What If New Zealand Were to Abolish Its Military

The world should read a new book from New Zealand called Abolishing the Military. New Zealand has decidedly not yet followed Costa Rica and stashed its military in a museum. And were it to do so, I can virtually guarantee you that CNN would never mention the act. But the argument for doing so is powerfully laid out in this book and — whether the authors mean it to or not — applies with very slight tweaking to any nation on Earth.

First of all, let me wish everyone a very happy Pearl read more

What the People Have to Say About Weaponizing the World

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, December 6, 2023

The petition at this link is called “No More Weapons Shipments to Ukraine, Israel, or Taiwan.” It’s addressed to the U.S. government and reads : “Stop the weapons shipments, and replace them with diplomacy and a new focus on the human and environmental crises that these wars defund, distract from, and exacerbate.”

People have added the following comments when signing it:

“Please wise up and recognize that this Earth and the life it read more

Pearl Harbor Goes on Killing and Will Until We Don’t Want It To

People’s willingness to get upset about evidence-free allegations of rapes by Hamas is not purely because people rightly condemn rape but also because the topic distracts from condemning open shameless public mass-murder which happens to be even worse than rape.

All the attention going to which idiots are supposedly protesting Jewish restaurants or murdering Palestinian college students is not due purely to wanting to place blame correctly but also to valuing any topic that’s not the read more

Who Should Have Won the Past 123 Nobel Peace Prizes

The Nobel Peace Prize is often criticized when the committee that awards it gives the prize to vicious warmongers and to people who’ve done great things that had nothing to do with abolishing war or armaments. But who would ideally have won the prize each year since 1901?

Fredrik S. Heffermehl has been the expert on the failings of the Nobel Peace Prize since he noticed something was wrong way back when Al Gore was the awardee. Heffermehl maintains this website read more

20 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know About the War on Gaza

 1.It’s a U.S. war on the U.S. government’s preferred model.

The ideal war for the U.S. government and the weapons dealers that have such control over it is a war fought with U.S. weapons by non-U.S. fighters. The war in Ukraine, the Saudi war on Yemen, the current war on Gaza — these risk few U.S. lives directly but enrich U.S. oligarchs substantially. The only improvement would be a war like Syria, read more