Media Underreport Major New Threat to Right to Organize

By David Swanson, ILCA Media Coordinator
Part of the Media Blackout series on underreported labor stories

While illegal violations of the right to organize a union — such as the firing of employees who express support for a union — are routinely underreported by the corporate media, the past 60 days have witnessed the underreporting of a serious new threat to the right to organize, a threat raised by the National Labor Relations Board. Nexis searching finds no mention of this story read more

Bush Afraid of Kucinich

Feb. 24, 2004

President Bush made a speech yesterday about how badly he is frightened by even the remote possibility of a Democratic nomination for Dennis Kucinich. Here is how David Shribman, Executive Editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, reported on the speech today:

“The last Bush re-election effort, having succeeded so well in portraying Gov. Michael S. Dukakis of Massachusetts as a doctrinaire liberal, tried the same tactic on Clinton. It didn’t work because Clinton wasn’t read more

Only One Way to Stop This War

What if there were a way to prevent a war on Iraq, know with certainty what the Iraqi government is up to, increase funding to a wide range of important programs, and let the Bush administration know that there are limits to its power? What if a single coordinated action could accomplish all of that?

I think that one can. Here’s my plan. It requires that you sacrifice some time, that you devote yourself fulltime to this for a matter of weeks or months. And it requires putting your life at read more

Labor Media, or the Lack Thereof

Panel Presentation for Conference of United Association of Labor Educators
April 1, 2005, Philadelphia, Penn.

I originally proposed as a title for this workshop “What Direction Should Labor Media Take?” Somewhere along the way, the word “Media” got lost, a fortunate accident in that it produced for us the brilliant paper that Andy Zipser is presenting today, which addresses the media question but within the important context of the broader debate over labor’s future. read more


Bernie was a funny bunny, but Bernie didn’t think so. He took himself very seriously.

Bernie lived in a town at the bottom of a big rocky mountain, and most of the other bunnies liked Bernie a lot, even if they did laugh at him once in a while. And the birds liked Bernie too, even though he had once tried to keep them out of the bunnies’ garden.

The garden was the center of the bunny town, and Bernie’s bunny hole wasn’t far from it. Mayor Michael’s hole was right next read more

Labor Media May Be Our Best Hope Against the Corporate Version

May 17, 2004

Also published at

There is a growing consensus in the United States that mainstream commercial media are by and large not mainstream at all but instead are supportive of the corporate agenda. Of course, the largest media companies (which provide most Americans’ news) and their large advertisers are themselves mammoth corporations. In addition to promoting policies that advance corporate interests, our major media often appear to place profits read more

Presidential Candidates Comparison Chart

Bush’s policy positions are well known and have been put into action. Each of the nine Democrats vying to be the one to send Bush packing has created a campaign website with a section laying out the candidate’s positions on the issues he or she deems important. Below is a chart showing what these 10 people’s positions are on many of the issues. A blank indicates that no information was found on their website. In a few cases, information was used from other reliable sources.

While read more

Legitimate Living Wage Laws

Cavalier Daily (University of Virginia)
April 18, 2002
By David Swanson

I GOT A Masters degree in philosophy from the University in 1997 and had
learned so little that I stuck around and foolishly helped the Labor Action
Group push for a living wage for University workers. I didn’t like the fact
that while I sat in a lounge reading Aristotle, the people emptying the
trash can had to work second jobs, neglect their children and turn to the
government for handouts to survive.

The arguments over read more

Flame-Broiled Shark: How Predatory Lending Victims Fought Back and Won

Published in “The Wealth Inequality Reader” by Dollars and Sense and United for a Fair Economy

Flame-Broiled Shark
May 2005 By David Swanson

If someone told you that a bunch of low-income people, most of them African-American or Latino, most of them women, most of them elderly, had been victimized by a predatory mortgage lender that stripped them of much of their equity or of their entire homes, you might not be surprised. But if I told you that these women and men had gotten together read more

Believe Six Impossible Bush Claims Before Breakfast

Sep. 3, 2004
If you read a newspaper this fantastic Friday morning, be prepared to believe the impossible. The current occupant of the White House last night accepted the Republican Party’s nomination with a string of lies and nonsense that will be reported to you as if worthy of respectful consideration.

Unlikely to be noted will be the fact that while Bush babbled away about keeping America secure, he was unable to keep protesters out of his convention, where they disrupted his speech read more