Public Forum on Healthcare vs. Health Insurance Companies

This public forum on solving the U.S. healthcare crisis was held in Charlottesville, Va., on February 23, 2009. Do attempt this at home by inviting these and other great speakers.

Welcome by Donna Goings, event organizer:

Intro by David Swanson, event moderator:

Donna Smith, California Nurses Association:

Dr. Susan Miller, Physicians for a National Health Program:

Lynn Hassman, American Medical Students Association, University of Virginia:

Larry Rousseau, Public Service Alliance of Canada:

Dr. Wm. Ferguson Reid, Virginia Coalition for Guaranteed Health Care:

Steve Cobble, Progressive Democrats of America:

Sarah Lanzman, event organizer:

Sam Rasoul, former Democratic nominee for Congress from Virginia’s Sixth District:

Virginia Coalition for Guaranteed Health Care
California Nurses Association.
Progressive Democrats of America.
Physicians for a National Health Program.
American Medical Students Association, UVA.
Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice.

Video by David Martin of Martin Images.
Sound system by Shallel.
Event organizing by Donna Goings, Sarah Lanzman, David Swanson.
Thank you to Albemarle County for renting its auditorium affordably.

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