WASHINGTON, DC – Progressive Democrats of America has endorsed Tom Geoghegan in his bid to replace Rahm Emanuel in the House seat representing Illinois’ 5th Congressional District.

Following the endorsement of the local PDA chapter on Feb. 9, PDA members across the country were encouraged to vote in an online poll, which closed at midnight last night. Geoghegan won the endorsement with 99% of votes.

Geoghegan is the real deal. Thomas Frank of the Wall Street Journal called Geoghegan “a true reformer.” The New Yorker’s Hendrik Hertzberg said Geoghegan is “change we can believe in.” And, Kathy Pollit of The Nation called Geoghegan, “the next Paul Wellstone.”

Geoghegan faces serious challengers in the March 3 special election. Early voting begins today and PDA’s Illinois chapters already are working phones and canvassing neighborhoods.

“Special elections have notoriously low turnouts, so the ground game will make all the difference,” said PDA National Director Tim Carpenter. “With our help, Geoghegan can win.

“PDA is working to build the progressive infrastructure that will allow President Obama to make the bold progressive reforms necessary to turn around the ship of state. Electing Tom Geoghegan to Congress is a big step in the right direction.”

Progressive Democrats of America is one of the nation’s fastest-growing grassroots political organizations, with active chapters in 45 states. PDA is dedicated to reviving the progressive tradition of the Democratic Party through grassroots organizing and working with elected Democrats to advance peace, justice and social, economic and environmental responsibility. More information is available at: http://pdamerica.org

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