Virginia vs. HMOs

No More Health Insurance Companies Ever Again.
Single-Payer Healthcare Instead.
Come Find Out How We Can Make It Happen…

Healthcare in Crisis: A Public Forum on Monday, February 23rd

PERRIELLO: Congressman Tom Perriello told us on Tuesday that he was undecided about supporting single-payer healthcare. So we asked what we could do to persuade him, and he replied: “Keep doing what you’re doing, pressuring me, phone calls and Emails.” He also agreed to send a staff person to our forum on Monday. So, everybody needs to turn out, learn about the issue, share our experiences, and make our opinions known.

OBAMA: President Obama is rumored to be planning a major speech on healthcare for prime time on Tuesday ( ). Charlottesvillians will discuss what they want done on Monday — always ahead of the curve.

Bring Your Doctor to Democracy Day: Some of those best able to discuss the need for healthcare reform are doctors. Please stop by or phone your own doctors’ and dentists’ offices and invite everyone who works there to join us Monday night. It’s your turn to remind them of an appointment!

Here are the details:

An open public forum in Charlottesville, Va., on Monday, February 23rd at 6:30 p.m. in the Lane Auditorium of the Albemarle County Office Building, 401 McIntire Rd.

How can we guarantee healthcare for all?
What can you do to help?

Admission: free
Parking: free

Donna Smith, California Nurses Association, seen in Michael Moore’s “Sicko”
Steve Cobble, Progressive Democrats of America
Dr. Susan Miller, Physicians for a National Health Program
Larry Rousseau, Public Service Alliance of Canada
Lynn Hassman, American Medical Students Association, UVA
Dr. Wm. Ferguson Reid, Virginia Coalition for Guaranteed Health Care

Virginia Coalition for Guaranteed Health Care
California Nurses Association
Progressive Democrats of America
Physicians for a National Health Program
American Medical Students Association, UVA
Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice

Or visit:

We need volunteers to distribute flyers and to help on the night of the event. We need a videographer to tape the event.


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