War and Injustice News from Virginia

A 900-acre mercenary training compound has been proposed for Shenandoah County, and a citizen group has formed in opposition: RockDem.

Is Michelle Bachman the new Virgil Goode?

Or is Tom Perriello the new Virgil Goode? He once told me he’d cosponsor EFCA, had his staff correct that to say he’d “support” it, and he now says he’s opposed. He opposed the recent budget regretfully because he so dearly wanted to vote for all the war money. (What was it that did strike him as worth opposing?) He won’t lift a finger for single-payer healthcare. He’s cosponsored a resolution commending the ICC for indicting a war criminal president in Sudan, but not one word about worse crimes by the United States.

The Virginia House of Delegates decided nobody they actually knew was out of work, so they would turn down funds for the unemployed.

The U of Virginia still employees late-blooming torture whistleblower Phillip Zelikow, and has chosen to become a true subsidiary of the United States Military and Northrop Grumman, which has Charlottesville bigwhigs all smiles about their town (and the northern outskirts) becoming a factory of death.

Democratic Virginian Congressman Rick Boucher is leading the charge to INCREASE global warming.

Here’s a bit of good news in the works:

Walk for Disarmament thru Hampton Roads, VA, June 22-26:
Join us from June 22-26 On the Road to No War: A Walk for Disarmament from Camp Peary to Naval Station Norfolk. The walk will cover over 50 miles and stop at 13 military installations in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area, the most militarized place in the western hemisphere.
We walk believing that active nonviolence can transform our war-filled world into one of justice and peace, were every human need is met. We believe that “beating swords into plowshares” is the key to personal, national, and global security.
Thus our walk is a call for a new vision:
· for an end to the preparation, legitimization, and execution of all war
· for our nation to be an example of disarmament for the world
· for nonviolent solutions to conflicts
· for the conversion of our war-based economy to one based on meeting human needs and environmental protection
We walk to share a vision of a disarmed United States with the community, passersby, and military personnel, believing that the journey will take us a step closer to disarming our hearts and our nation. For more information call Kim Williams & Steve Baggarly at the Catholic Worker at 757-423-5420 or email roadtonowar@gmail.com.

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