3 thoughts on “Video: Here’s An Old Friend Who Now Wants to Murder People”

  1. She’s been “in close communication with a woman”. Couple that with her uncanny ability to read Putin’s mind; and, well, I’m surprised she didn’t shoot you herself. JFC. I mean, let’s get real, her friend went to Krakow and there was a test of an air raid siren. What more proof do you need?

    With friends like that…

  2. Assassinations?!? Wow!!

    Holy shit! You’re the unreasonable one?

    Now you’re an “armchair peacenik”. She’s horrible.

  3. No, she doesn’t “want to murder people.” What abject garbage. You are completely distorting what she said. Shame on you, David.

    And double shame for continuing to allow Saggy to post here. He is an avowed Holocaust denier.

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