US Army Now Says Gaza Rockets No Threat to Israel (Even If Good Excuse for Wars)

By David Swanson

Stephanie Westbrook pointed out to me a very curious PDF, a journal of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers published in Europe. It includes an article that begins:

“Uncle Sam wants you to see the home of Judaism and Christianity. He wants you to earn good pay in a sunny climate doing work you are proficient in and enjoy – work that is personally and professionally rewarding and that you know will help an important ally. What could be better than that? Yes, Uncle Sam wants you. He wants you to bring your
talent and expertise to Israel.”

A U.S. contractor already working there has this to say in this promo article:

“Perhaps the biggest worry for American contractors considering projects in Israel would be security threats, said Jones. But the violence, he added, is rare and localized to those areas closest to the Gaza Strip. ‘The rockets out of the Gaza Strip have been aimed at Israeli towns, but they are inaccurate and limited in range. They don’t reach the part of the country where most of us live and work,’ Jones said.”

That’s odd. I thought they were a threat to the very existence of Israel, justifying a brutal bombardment of a walled in population.

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