16 Arrested at Aetna for Demanding Healthcare

By David Swanson

Sixteen people were arrested this morning at 99 Park Ave in New York City for entering the lobby of the health insurance company Aetna and demanding that Aetna stop denying healthcare approved by doctors. This was the beginning of a campaign in which over 300 people have committed to nonviolently risking arrest:

On September 29th in New York City, October 8th in Chicago, and in cities across the country on October 15th, over 100 people who have signed this pledge will put our bodies on the line to challenge the real death panels.

We will enter the offices of the major insurance companies and demand that they cover the care they are denying to their members. We won’t leave until they do. The companies will have to decide – admit they’re wrong and approve the care, or have us arrested and show the world how far they will go to protect their obscene profits. If we’re arrested, some of us will even refuse to give our names and be released until the insurance companies meet our demand.

We hope that our actions will save the lives of some of the people who are being denied critical care by these death panels today. But we know we can save the lives of millions in the years to come by putting a spotlight on just why our system is broken and how urgently we need fundamental change. We will go to jail to demand that the insurance companies stop denying care to their members immediately, but our sacrifice will be a call to our entire nation to stand up to these death panels and demand real reform – Medicare for All – that finally ensures that every one of us gets the health care we need.

You can let Aetna know what you think at (212) 457-0700 or (888) 203-1103 Toll Free.

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