"War Is A Lie" Event Planned for Los Angeles

Here’s a poster/flyer: PDF

Ilene Proctor Presents Number 42 in our Great Mind Series
Author: David Swanson – War is a Lie
Panel: Moderator, Mimi Kennedy plus KPFK’s Lila Garrett, Truthout’s Jason Leopold, Bradblog’s Brad Friedman
When: Sunday, December 19, 2010
Time: 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Fee: $20.00 includes refreshments and drinks
$15.00 PDLA and SCADA Members
Please RSVP via email: proctor@artnet.net
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Busting War Myths

Swanson the War Myth-Buster
by Ralph Lopez

Since Helen of Troy many people have suspected that most purported reasons for war are really just the excuse, and that wars are rarely fought for the reasons stated. In “War is a Lie” David Swanson carves himself a monumental task: to prove the truth of this in every historical instance for which background is available. He accomplishes his task, with a weight of evidence which can only be described as read more

Peace Presents for Holidays — Half Price

War Is A Lie, just published by David Swanson, is topping the charts and being translated for publication in other countries.  Thank you, if you've purchased it!

Did you know that you can get this soon-to-be classic book for half-price with free shipping in time for the holidays if you buy 10 or more?

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Mickey Z. Interviews David Swanson on War Lies

War Is Over (If You Want It)
My interview with David Swanson
By Mickey Z.

If Dwight D. Eisenhower was correct when he declared, “Public opinion wins war,” then public opinion can also end or prevent wars…but this would require us, as a first step, to see past the superficial allure of wartime propaganda and make the entire system transparent. To do so requires rebuttal, e.g. information that challenges the myopia and amnesia cultivated by State and corporate misinformation.

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Die for a Tie: How the Korean War Began

An excerpt from the just published book “War Is A Lie” http://warisalie.org

After two world wars with a depression in between, none of which Americans had submitted to voluntarily, President Harry S Truman had some bad news. If we didn’t set off immediately to fight communists in Korea, they would shortly invade the United States. That this was recognized as patent nonsense is perhaps suggested by the fact that, once again, Americans had to be drafted if they were going to go read more

"War Is A Lie" Already in Top 50 Books

War Is A Lie, just published by David Swanson, exposes virtually all lies about all wars in history.  The book was published today and is already in the top 50 books on Amazon.com.

(Amazon has been overrun with orders and currently says it is not shipping the book for weeks.  But this is false; the book will be shipped right away, and we are working on getting this corrected on Amazon's website.)

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