Peace Presents for Holidays — Half Price

War Is A Lie, just published by David Swanson, is topping the charts and being translated for publication in other countries.  Thank you, if you've purchased it!

Did you know that you can get this soon-to-be classic book for half-price with free shipping in time for the holidays if you buy 10 or more?

If you want a single copy (or kindle version), you can buy it at Amazon, which ships the books right away despite what it says, and you can manually change the quantity in your cart if you want more than three.

But if you'd like a holiday bargain on 10 or more, with the books shipped right away for free, or an audio book or other ebook versions, you can go straight to

We made the book available almost at cost so that peace groups can resell it for a profit, but there's no reason for you not to take advantage of the opportunity to get presents for friends, family, elected officials, libraries, and activist organizations.

Watch for Swanson on Wednesday on Thom Hartmann's TV show, and join him for a discussion on Sunday 5-7 p.m. ET at the FireDogLake Book Salon.

"Not a single thing that we commonly believe about wars that helps keep them around is true. Wars cannot be good or glorious. Nor can they be justified as a means of achieving peace or anything else of value. The reasons given for wars, before, during, and after them (often three very different sets of reasons for the same war) are all false." — From the Introduction

Let's make War Is A Lie #1 on Amazon.

The reviews of War Is A Lie already are phenomenal. Rob Kall of OpEdNews calls it "an important, destined to be classic book." He adds, "If there are awards for brilliant books that explode new ways to oppose the evils of this world, then David should sweep the field this year."

Norman Solomon, author of War Made Easy, says "David Swanson is an antidote to the toxins of complacency and evasion. He insists on rousing the sleepwalkers, confronting the deadly prevaricators and shining a bright light on possibilities for a truly better world."

And Geoff Millard of Iraq Veterans Against the War concludes, "Not since General Smedley Butler's War is a Racket has a simpler, more brilliant, or truer book been published."

Make this book #1 on Amazon right now!

Thanks for all you do!

Happy holidays!

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