"War Is A Lie" Already in Top 50 Books

War Is A Lie, just published by David Swanson, exposes virtually all lies about all wars in history.  The book was published today and is already in the top 50 books on Amazon.com.

(Amazon has been overrun with orders and currently says it is not shipping the book for weeks.  But this is false; the book will be shipped right away, and we are working on getting this corrected on Amazon's website.)

"Not a single thing that we commonly believe about wars that helps keep them around is true. Wars cannot be good or glorious. Nor can they be justified as a means of achieving peace or anything else of value. The reasons given for wars, before, during, and after them (often three very different sets of reasons for the same war) are all false." — From the Introduction

Let's make War Is A Lie #1 on Amazon.

The reviews of War Is A Lie already are phenomenal. Rob Kall of OpEdNews calls it "an important, destined to be classic book." He adds, "If there are awards for brilliant books that explode new ways to oppose the evils of this world, then David should sweep the field this year."

Norman Solomon, author of War Made Easy, says "David Swanson is an antidote to the toxins of complacency and evasion. He insists on rousing the sleepwalkers, confronting the deadly prevaricators and shining a bright light on possibilities for a truly better world."

And Geoff Millard of Iraq Veterans Against the War concludes, "Not since General Smedley Butler's War is a Racket has a simpler, more brilliant, or truer book been published."

Make this book #1 on Amazon right now!

Right now, George W. Bush has the topselling book on Amazon, while Glenn Beck is at the top in nonfiction. Replacing them with War Is A Lie will be quite a change, and we can do it right now if you buy the book at Amazon, in paperback or ebook, and forward this email to everyone you know.

And do more than buy the book for yourself. Buy it as a holiday present for loved ones and elected representatives. Buy it for friends who support wars or who aren't sure what to think about them. Buy it for your local library. And forward this email everywhere.

At http://warisalie.org you'll find the audio book plus animated graphics, videos, and articles to post on your website, including a new article by David Swanson just out on TomDispatch and a new video interview of Swanson just posted by TheRealNews.com. You can also catch Swanson on Monday on KPFK, Radio or Not, and RT.

But first, please help open the door to many more people by buying the book on Amazon.


Thanks for all you do!


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