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Impeachment: Why and How

Impeachment: Why and How
By David Swanson


Many previous presidents and vice presidents have committed one or two of the following crimes. Never before has any approached this total level of assault on the Constitution. If we do not impeach now, we never can again, and the legislative branch will not maintain power over the executive or judicial. We will be unable to end the war, stop global warming, fund education, challenge stolen elections, win elections, or accomplish any of our other read more

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Rupert Murdoch Hosted Hillary Fundraiser

By David Swanson

On Monday, July 17, 2006, at Fox News headquarters in New York City, Rupert Murdoch hosted a fundraiser breakfast for Hillary Clinton. Then he rushed off to a fundraiser lunch for John McCain, and Hillary rushed off to announce her unqualified support for Israel’s and Bush’s war policies.

Hillarupert Murdoclinton strikes some people as an unusual combination. I’m sure someone could create a funny cartoon out of that name and a merger of their two smirking masks. read more

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An Atheist Manifesto

By Sam Harris, Truth Dig

Editor’s Note: At a time when fundamentalist religion has an unparalleled influence in the highest government levels in the United States, and religion-based terror dominates the world stage, Sam Harris argues that progressive tolerance of faith-based unreason is as great a menace as religion itself. Harris, a philosophy graduate of Stanford who has studied eastern and western religions, won the 2005 PEN Award for nonfiction for The End of Faith, which powerfully examines read more

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Iran Through the Media

By David Swanson

An AP article on Tuesday begins: “President Bush bats away talk of bombing Iran’s disputed nuclear sites as ‘wild speculation.’ But plodding diplomacy hasn’t borne fruit so far, and the administration is facing a hard truth: There may be no way to stop Iran from getting the bomb.”

Here we have encapsulated the most warmongering position to be found in the U.S. media. The reporter who wrote this, Anne Gearan, believes that Bush is lying when he read more

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Stop the Next War Now

By David Swanson

Now might be the time to read, if you haven’t already, “Stop the Next War Now: Effective Responses to Violence and Terrorism,” an amazing book edited by CODE PINK cofounders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, which includes a forward by Alice Walker and an introduction by Arundhati Roy.

While this book was published last year, its title and theme take on a new urgency with each new revelation that our read more

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Harman vs. Winograd, Tough Choice?

By David Swanson

For the past 10 months I’ve worked on a project at to urge Congress Members to hold the Bush Administration accountable for crimes and abuses of power. Some Democratic members of Congress have been as helpful in this effort as Fox News. Some have been less. In that last category you can list Jane Harman.

When Congressman John Conyers wrote a letter to Bush asking him to explain the Downing Street Memo, and 120 Congress Members signed it, Harman read more

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Evidence of War Lies

By David Swanson

Testimony for International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration, Riverside Church, New York, Jan 20-22, 2006. Thanks to Jonathan Schwarz and Bob Fertik for assistance.

Accompanying Powerpoint

[Powerpoint Slide 1]

Were I to list all the pieces of evidence that Bush took us to war with lies, we’d have lost tens of thousands of lives and tens of billions of dollars before I finished. So, I’ll give you a short version. But read more

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The Solution We Aren't Considering

By David Swanson

There is a solution that most of us are not seriously considering but should be. We are all increasingly aware of the problem: a world that lacks peace, democracy, an equitable distribution of resources, and practices that can be sustained without risking the viability of human life.

We can shift blame to the powerful, but were we all willing to do a bit more, we would ourselves become the powerful. There are no excuses. We must look at ourselves and our neighbors and ask what read more

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A Short History of Philosophy

“A Short History of Philosophy” By Robert C. Solomon and Kathleen M. Higgins.
305 pages
Oxford University Press 1996

Some weeks ago I began preparing a high school level course in philosophy. I’m enjoying it greatly. That is, I am learning a lot by teaching. Now something has happened which will shape the part of the course left to prepare, and – indeed – will lead me to rework what I’ve done. I had assumed that I was working in something of a void. I did not read more

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John or John

Feb. 19, 2004

Is there a substantive difference between John Kerry and John Edwards? You wouldn’t know it from the issue-free media coverage. CBS touches on issues in 21.4 percent of its campaign coverage, 33.4 percent for ABC, and 32 percent for NBC, according to a study by, which must have been extremely generous in defining a story as dealing with issues.

Still, you might know that Edwards is younger and better looking, and you might get the impression that the media has read more

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