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This Sunday (the 8th, from 2-3pst), Cindy chats with super-activist,
David Swanson from After Downing Street Coalition

Cindy and David talk about the urgency of keeping the anti-war and pro-justice movements alive!

Let’s Jam up the War Machine!

Don’t forget to reserve your tickets for Let’s Jam Up the War Machine! on Thursday, March 19th (6th Anniversary of the illegal and immoral invastion of Iraq) at 7pm at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland.

At the Grand Lake, Cindy (Nobel Peace Prize Nominee) will be joined by Legendary Anti-War Musician, Country Joe McDonald and Daniel Ellsberg (legendary Pentagon whistle-blower) and other speakers and entertainers. It will be a fabulous night to commemorate the occasion, yet renew our commitment to activism!

Next Sunday (15th), Cindy will interview courageous ex-Congress Rep Cynthia McKinney about her harrowing experience trying to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza and the state of party politics in the US today!

Read Cindy’s latest blog: For What Noble Cause, Mr. Obama?

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