Dave Norris for Charlottesville City Council


Join us to celebrate the launch of Mayor Dave Norris’ campaign for another term on the Charlottesville City Council! Meet Dave, learn about his top priorities for progressive leadership over the next four years and find out how you can get involved the campaign.

Dave Norris for City Council Campaign Party
7-9pm Thursday, March 12 at South Street Brewery

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Hosted by:

Charlie Armstrong, Emily Dreyfus, Llezelle Dugger, Holly Edwards, Francis Fife, Jane Foster, Holly Hatcher, Joy Johnson, Connie Jorgensen, Peter Kleeman, Cheri Lewis, Art Lichtenberger, Nancy O’Brien, L.F. and Susan Payne, Stu Rifkin

Dave Norris for City Council 2009

I am running for re-election to Charlottesville City Council because I believe I can continue to make a positive impact on the challenges we face in our City.

As a City Councilor and as Mayor, I have worked hard to forge progressive change in our community. And I’m proud to say that we’re already seeing real results.

Just in the last three years, Charlottesville has been named the “Greenest City in Virginia” for our population size, we’ve helped hundreds of City residents gain access to affordable housing, we’ve undertaken the largest investment in youth programs in a generation, we’ve won statewide and national recognition for our efforts to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy, we’ve expanded our network of bike and pedestrian trails, we’ve improved our transit system with new bus routes and enhanced technology, we’ve substantially increased our curbside and school-wide recycling programs, we’ve made long-delayed investments in our City’s public infrastructure, we’ve launched new initiatives to improve race relations, reduce poverty, and train low-wage workers for career-ladder jobs, we’ve supported our Schools in their efforts to reduce the dropout rate and boost personal and academic achievement for our youth, we’ve increased tax relief for middle-income homeowners, we’ve expanded support for small, locally-owned businesses, and we’ve identified new opportunities for making your City government more transparent, more efficient, and more responsive to the citizens it serves.

In the process, Charlottesville has enhanced its status as one of the best-managed small cities in the country and as a desirable place to live, work, shop, visit, worship, play, grow a business and raise a family.

However – and this is no small “however” – there is much work left to be done to realize our vision of a community in which all of our residents have the chance to realize their highest potential, and in which “environmental sustainability” is not just a catch phrase, but a fully-ingrained way of life.

On critical issue after critical issue – revitalizing our public housing neighborhoods, increasing our green space, recruiting more mentors for disadvantaged kids, ending chronic homelessness, promoting alternative transportation, expanding summer youth employment, preserving our history, providing for our long-term water supply, etc. – there is much progress to be made in the coming four years.

That’s why I’m asking for the chance to represent you on City Council for another term. I don’t expect that every voter will agree with every decision I’ve made during my time in office, but I hope that people do see that I’ve worked hard to find creative solutions and build common ground as we strive together to make Charlottesville a better place.

Please cast a “Vote for Dave” in the Democratic primary on May 9!

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