Koppel's Cojones

April 29, 2004

Also published at http://www.opednews.com

ABC’s Ted Koppel plans to broadcast on Friday on “Nightline” the names and faces of the American soldiers who have been killed in action in Iraq. The complaints that this does not go far enough have already begun, and I agree with all of them. Koppel is excluding those who have committed suicide or been killed in an accident. He is excluding those who have been horribly wounded. He is excluding his 14 fellow journalists who read more

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May 1st Belongs to Labor, Not Loyalty

April 29, 2004

An Email sent yesterday by Chris Paulitz, Press Secretary of the National Republican Congressional Committee to local GOP press secretaries suggested events that could be held in the month of May, including:

“Loyalty Day (May 1): Loyalty Day is simply a day for all of us to show our loyalty to the nation. In addition to op-eds and a release, our member can call on all local governmental buildings to fly the American flag that day, as President Bush has asked all federal government read more

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Liberated to Death

May 10, 2004

Also published at http://www.truthout.org

How, reporters and pundits have asked, could good American heroes behave so badly as to become torturers? There are at least three answers that most of the U.S. media will not touch.

One is that many of our soldiers entered the Army or the National Guard or Reserves bringing with them all the frustration of a class-divided society running low on living-wage jobs. Many families have filed for bankruptcy as a result of extended service in Iraq, read more

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Censorship Adds to Outrage Over Torture

May 11, 2004

By Martin Fishgold and David Swanson

U.S. soldiers and CIA contract professionals, with the knowledge and encouragement of their superiors, committed war crimes against Iraqi prisoners that are all too clear in the graphic images that Dan Rather and CBS executives chose to suppress for two weeks at the request of the Pentagon. There was no justification for this delay or for the argument, as made by the reactionary columnist William Safire in the May 10th New York Times, that the delay read more

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Labor Media May Be Our Best Hope Against the Corporate Version

May 17, 2004

Also published at http://www.democraticunderground.com

There is a growing consensus in the United States that mainstream commercial media are by and large not mainstream at all but instead are supportive of the corporate agenda. Of course, the largest media companies (which provide most Americans’ news) and their large advertisers are themselves mammoth corporations. In addition to promoting policies that advance corporate interests, our major media often appear to place profits read more

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Dennis Was Right, Is Right, and Shall Be Right

May 27, 2004

Also published at http://www.opednews.com

Dennis Kucinich said what the media would not condone: We must not go into Iraq. Dennis said what the media would not stand for: We must get out of Iraq. Dennis said that this position was not just ethical but necessary for the Democrats to win the White House.

Now he says: “It was wrong to go in. It is wrong to stay in.” And more and more people , including even some members of the media, are beginning to give this position a little read more

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Labor Media Could Learn From Black Media

June 3, 2004

Also published at http://www.blackcommentator.com

Few would dispute that the corporate media do a better job of persuading their consumers to support corporate policies than the labor media do of persuading their readers to support political policies and politicians that benefit workers.

Of course, few have any idea what I even mean by “the labor media.” Unlike what was meant by that phrase 75 years ago in the United States or what is meant by it today in Sweden, I mean read more

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Reagan Redux

June 6, 2004

Also published at http://www.alternet.org and http://www.opednews.com and http://www.democraticunderground.com

Ronald Reagan had the birth of a deity. Within 20 minutes of his inauguration, Iran freed the hostages that wimpy Jimmy Carter had been unable to rescue. I was 11 years old at the time and impressed but baffled. How had he done it?

No one seemed to know or very much care. Apparently the Iranians had wanted to make a statement about how much they disliked Carter, and we didn’t read more

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Cable Television Perfects Presidential Coverage

June 9, 2004

It’s official. Cable television has now completely and thoroughly covered presidential politics, fully informing all Americans of all the issues, positions, promises, and disputes. That job completed, one cable channel has moved on to the important public function of making shit up.

No, I don’t mean Fox News. I’m referring to Showtime’s new presidential election reality TV show, in which 12 “candidates” will pretend to run for president. What could read more

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