Presidential Candidates Comparison Chart

Bush’s policy positions are well known and have been put into action. Each of the nine Democrats vying to be the one to send Bush packing has created a campaign website with a section laying out the candidate’s positions on the issues he or she deems important. Below is a chart showing what these 10 people’s positions are on many of the issues. A blank indicates that no information was found on their website. In a few cases, information was used from other reliable sources.

While such a chart leaves much to be desired, and yes-or-no support for a position leaves out the degree of support and the detail of approach, this exercise does allow us to compare this large field of candidates on many of the basics. More importantly it provides us with ammunition with which to push candidates to take positions on issues that they have been silent or ambiguous on.

And it informs us on what the media ought to be reporting about instead of focusing on candidates’ bank accounts, hobbies, and families.

Please Email the candidates who interest you and ask them to take a position or to change their position. Perhaps together we can complete the chart, improve it, and elect a better president. Please send information you gather and the source of it to


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