WWII Memorial

Bob Dole wants a WWII memorial built on the Mall in the next three or four years, or else, he fears, no WWII veterans will be around to see it.

Well, if the idea is to have a memorial for WWII veterans to see, I say we build it as fast as physically possible. We won’t use marble, but we could put up a pre-fab memorial constructed with the techniques used in building a Wal-Mart and have it operational by, say, next Thursday. Then – to prove that our failure to honor slaves, Native Americans, pacifists, abolitionists, non-violent protesters, slain labor organizers, and the wrongly convicted is not a bias in favor of nationally sanctioned violence – we could set ourselves the goal of not bombing or invading any countries for the three or four years, or even more, that WWII veterans remain alive. If we achieve this feat, we could then dismantle the Mc-Monument to war and replace it with a marble monument to glorify the Period of Peace. What do you think?

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