World History Quiz: Only 1 Question

This will be a very short pop quiz. Post your answers below.

Who is this person?

He’s the most powerful person ever.
He has sole command of the most powerful and profitable military and death squads ever.
He’s the most corporate national leader ever.
He spent more money to get into office than anyone else ever.
He is the focus of a huge cult of personality, patriotism, partisanship, and obedience.
He oversees the most high-tech illegal spying apparatus ever.
He engages in lawless imprisonment and torture and assassination.
He depends on extreme secrecy, dishonesty, and immunity.
He’s taken part in one of the largest transfers of wealth upward ever.
His opponents tend to be delusional and to be opposing a caricature of him.
His supporters tend to be delusional and to be supporting a caricature of him.
Serious critics tend to be lumped by his opponents with his supporters and by his supporters with his opponents.
There is not a single thing that anyone believes he holds so dear he wouldn’t compromise it or sacrifice it, other than his own behind.

Any guesses?
You can phone a friend or ask the audience.

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