Why You Should Never Vote for Joe Biden

There’s a video of Lawrence O’Donnell, spokesperson for MSNBC, saying in 2020 what he’s paid to say, namely that electing a candidate with a platform you approve of is somehow in conflict with electing a candidate who can win. The logic of this is that most people are expected to vote for a candidate with a less desirable platform, which is only self-fulfilling if nobody shouts out that the hold-your-nose candidate has no clothes before a mysterious substance called “momentum” can be declared to exist and the candidate whom people actually prefer can be persuaded to give up.

There’s a video of Lawrence O’Donnell, years ago, saying something that would get him fired from MSNBC in a heartbeat:

“If you want to pull the major party that is closest to the way you’re thinking to what you’re thinking you must show them that you’re capable of not voting for them. If you don’t show them that you’re capable of not voting for them, they don’t have to listen to you. I promise you that. I worked within the Democratic Party. I didn’t listen or have to listen to anything on the left while I was working in the Democratic Party because the left had nowhere to go.”

Every four years in the United States since the time of the dinosaurs and Joe Biden’s full mental faculties, millions of people have volunteered for roles in the most often performed play in history. The tickets are free because nobody would pay a dime to see it twice and everybody’s seen it thousands of times. The play is a debate over whether to hold your nose and vote for some awful swamp creature or not.

This year was supposed to be different. I was going to vote for Bernie Sanders in the General Election, as I in fact did in the primary, not because I don’t have strong disagreements with him, but because his platform was so far superior to those of the other candidates as to really give meaning to the concept of “lesser evil.”

The endless arguments for lesser-evil voting that are part of the standard quadrennial performance make sense up to a point. I thought Bernie Sanders fell within that range in which they made sense.

In fact, as I explain at ridiculous length a ridiculous number of times every four years, my chief complaint with lesser-evilism in typical U.S. elections – elections without a candidate like Bernie Sanders in the big-two parties – is not that less evil isn’t less evil than more evil or that my brain simply doesn’t work. It’s that the value even of successfully electing a typical candidate who is in certain ways not as hideous as another candidate is outweighed by two factors. One is the giant diversion of resources away from activism and education and nonviolent strategies for political change and into the election. The other is the nearly universal practice of those who advocate less-evil voting of becoming cheerleaders for evil for periods of four years, not simply voters for it for one day.

Here’s a debate I had many elections back on this with Daniel Ellsberg.

People, with very few exceptions it seems, cannot do lesser-evil voting on a single day without having it take over their identity and influence their behavior. But even if they could, they’d still be telling Democrats: Do not bother with me, I’ll vote for you no matter what.

This could hardly be clearer than with Joe Biden.

If I go out today and advocate electing as U.S. president the neocon, corporatist, safety-net slashing, longtime racist, private health insurance promoting, war mongering, emoluments taking, opponent of public college education, enemy of major wealth taxes, champion of job-destroying corporate trade agreements, opponent of any serious green new deal, . . . the first question has to be: Yeah? Which one? Which of the two?

Here’s a graphic comparison of three candidates:

Here’s an informative video about Biden and the war on Iraq:

Here’s an example of how Biden has talked for years about Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare:

As David Sirota has noted, “Biden has worked with Republicans to push proposals to freeze Social Security funding, cut Social Security benefits and raise the Social Security retirement age. Biden has even been on the floor of the Senate giving speeches bragging that he tried to cut Social Security on four separate occasions.”

Here is Biden talking about his crime bill:

Bernie and Biden did not agree on the crime bill:

Bernie and Biden do not agree on corporate trade deals:

Here’s more from Biden in his own words.

This, too, is Biden in his own words:

Why why why why why you’re getting nervous man.
Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.
And cornpop was a bad dude and he ran a bunch of bad boys.
We hold these truths to be self-evident: all men and women are created by the ko you know the you know the thing.
You’re a lying dogfaced pony soldier.
I’m not sedentary I get up and let let let let them go let them go look the reason I’m running is because I’ve been around a long time.
And I said hey Ester off the board or I’ll come up and drag you off.
And I know more than most people know and I can get things done that’s why I’m running.
Let’s do push ups together let’s run let’s do whatever you want to do.
My greatest accomplishment is the 1994 crime bill.
You may cut me, man, but I’m gonna wrap this chain around your head.
I do not believe this is a rush to war, I believe it is a march to peace and security.
If you agree with me go to Joe three oh three three oh and help me in the fight.
Make sure the television excuse me make sure you have the record player on at night.
It doesn’t matter whether or not they had no background that enabled them to become socialized into the fabric of society.
It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re the victims of society.
In my judgment President Bush is right to be concerned about Saddam Hussein’s relentless pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.

I don’t think lesser evilists are evil. I don’t think they’re insane. I don’t think they’re failing to make an argument. I think they’re failing to recognize the side effects of the treatment they’re prescribing for our ills. I think that every four years we get two choices that are more evil than the time before. Here’s Trump four years the worse than last time, versus Biden who’s been repeatedly rejected in the past over his warmongering, corporate prostituting, and general lack of anything positive to offer. And the idea of changing society to get better choices while returning to lesser-evil voting at intervals is immensely impeded by what lesser-evil thinking does to its practitioners. They join the team. They self-censor. They slant. They become partisan. And activism and discourse and policy go down the tubes.

Lesser evilists do think non-lesser evilists are evil. They think they’re simply delicate souls who can’t touch dirt or negotiate or compromise. Bernie Sanders *was* my compromise. Bernie Sanders just backed a corporate bailout. Bernie Sanders has voted for numerous wars. Bernie Sanders thinks the F-35 is a humanitarian jobs program. The question is not whether to compromise. It’s whether to bow face-down in the mud, and whether doing so is strategically smart.

Well, if you shouldn’t vote for Biden, what should you do?

You should get active as an independent policy-based activist engaged in collective self-governance. You should make every possible use of local and state elections. You should move House candidates to commit now to a January 2021 impeachment of Trump for legitimate, non-Russiagating, indisputable charges from among the dozens that have long been ignored or new ones such as negligent killing through coronavirus. You should vote for Howie Hawkins or some other decent candidate or write in Bernie Sanders (whether he likes it or not).

Voting for Joe Biden or Donald Trump would be counter to the goals of every movement for peace, justice, and human and environmental survival.

55 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Vote for Joe Biden”

  1. Biden is a terrible candidate but he will not put children in cages, build a border wall, lower EPA standards, put right wing extremists on the Supreme Court, suppress voting rights, etc… Your comparison of him with Trump is therefore If progressives sit out the election and Trump wins again there will be terrible consequences to the most vulnerable in the U.S. and elsewhere.

    1. If Trump or Biden is elected the earth’s climate will pass every point of no return and the Supreme Court’s days will be numbered along with the rest of us.

    2. Biden’s wars and crime bills have put plenty of children in cages and in the ground. What fantasy world are you living in?

    3. Given the current reality, there are only 2 choices. Voting for Biden, or voting for Trump. Not voting for either is voting for Trump. Voting for a3rd party, is also voting for Trump.
      I get that people are mourning Bernie’s exit from the race. I was disappointed too. Biden was 4th in my list of candidates.
      But this year is different on many levels. The people are voicing their choice, (not the superdelegates) and Bernie did not gain widespread support. If we want to replace Trump, we must choose the candidate who can win against him. Bernie’s ideas and influence will continue to shape the election, especially now.
      Biden on his worst day is far better than Trump and the GOP on their best day. Of both candidates, Biden is the only one that would take Bernie’s ideas and implement some, even give him a cabinet or agency appointment.
      Please consider the stakes and recognize your essential part in replacing Trump.

    4. Yes yes he would do it . All of it . because democrats have done those and argued for exactly the same thing for it my God you have completely lost sight of how things really are

    5. Obama/Biden put more kids in cages and deported more people that any other administration in history. I don’t know where the hell you get your info from. I suggest you turn off CNN and go searching for some real journalists.
      As far as the most vulnerable, their incomes are higher, their home ownership is higher, their enrollment in college is higher. So, your comments were wrong in EVERY possible way.

  2. I hope for the sake of the world no one listens you. Four more years of trump will take you infinity further from where you want to be. Really really dumb take.

    1. Can you actually argue about the point he made? You sound like a biden supporter. Let’s actually argue points of argument and facts. Already sweetie 3 because Donald Trump is no different than Joe Biden on policies. Or character or behaviors trait the fact that Joe Biden is just part of a larger manipulation to thwart the election makes him even more of an evil as she represents the entire non- democratic power base..above us

      1. Please don’t fall into the they’re identical trap. No two people are identical, and no lesser-evilist loves anything more than to change the subject to pointing that out. People are always different. Lots of very different people can still be too evil.

  3. DickGregory once said when you vote for the lesser evil and you win, you still have an evil – his example was a prostitute but here I will substitute a pimp: why vote for a pimp who only pimps on Sunday instead of one who pimps seven days a week?

  4. Those of us who voted for Ralph Nadar rather than the lesser of two-evils, helped bring on the War on Islam, and the War on Iraq. For all his war-mongering faults, this would not have happened with Gore. We also would have seen advances on climate remediation. So yes, we have an antiquated first-past-the-post election system which forces strategic voting and basically a 2 party state run by the economic elites. The long term push is for ranked choice and proportional voting, so we can get 3rd and 4th political parties. We also need all the activities against corporations and organizing at the local/state level. However, as human beings, we face bad choices all the time: “Do I drive a gas car to the grocery store, or do I walk/bike that will exacerbate the need for surgery on my bumb knee?” Making difficult choices is part growing up. Choosing to avoid the choices, and inflicting the horrible consequences on the most vulnerable peoples is not what I would recommend. Please reconsider your position.

    1. This is pure lesser-evilist logic. If you disagree you’re failing to take a position at all. Your position disagreeing is strictly invisible, incomprehensible, you’re choosing not to make a choice because your choice is unacceptable.

    2. oh. Wow.. Either the nadir vote was so low as to not count and therefore your argument is invalid. Or the vote was large enough but for somehow was squelched. Like Sanders and 16 and 2020.
      The people who wanted to go to war had everything desired, planned, purposed long before. There was no stopping it and whoever was allowed to represent the government that is to say the presidency would have already been online for at all. Meaning they would already been part of the Cabal, as it were. You don’t understand that it was going to happen because those above you with power one it to happen regardless of which party they choose to placate the masses with or rile them up. Just like you are arguing for right now.
      Vote your conscience vote your ethics vote for the greater good vote for what you believe in period at least you have the authority to find that period lesser evil as um’s and those who compromise have no authority. There is a great evil in our land it has been here for at least 70 years if not much longer. Or democracy must be true and it hasn’t been for a long long time

  5. I am so troubled about an election between two people who are both unfit for the job of POTUS. Trump is completely abhorrent to me; Biden would be my hold-my-nose candidate, but I’m increasingly worried about his cognitive abilities. A friend of mine says we need Biden as a calming presence after this Trump maelstrom, but I do not feel at all calmed by him. Eek!

    1. Biden is very right wing/corporatist. But I agree the biggest problem for his becoming president is his dementia. Amazingly it didn’t show in the debate with Sanders, but has been demonstrated on many other occasions. No way is he fit to be president.

      1. It was showing. Oh yes. As a nurse who’s worked in nursing homes before, it was very obvious truth notwithstanding the obvious misrepresentations and lies.

  6. Chris Knudson

    Apparently, if you don’t vote for a Democrat you’re to blame for the atrocities committed by President Trump, but if you do vote for a Democrat, you’re not to blame for the atrocities committed under the Democrat President. Those are the rules, no point arguing…

    1. I think you all are truly clueless. If you really love this country and want it and yourselves to be prosperous the only choice is Trump. He has done a great job in spite of the Democrats and their allies in the media attacking every single day. We’ve all seen how well socialism has worked around the world. Not well. The only reason some countries have been able to keep it going is we, the United States have been footing the bill to defend these “allies”. All this talk of socialism and social change will only destroy our country from within and create an even larger dependence on the government for our daily survival

  7. In the last election, Hillary was the least evil of the two runners. She lost, because Dems who voted for Obama, didn’t realize or care that their vote actually counted, so guess what, they didn’t vote and Trump won. I think Biden is a better candidate than Hillary. He has 8 years experience as VP. He has weeknessess but he is not a fucking idiot. Dems don’t be stupid twice. You think you are tired of Trump, the whole world is hoping that Trump is not reelected.

    1. Sorry, Mike Bird, but Biden IS a “fucking idiot”. Back in his pre-dementia days, his policies devastated millions of people. Now, his abject corporate evil has turned to brain-dead evil.

  8. I agree with Michael Beer (see his post): “The long term push is for ranked choice and proportional voting [or something like those, perhaps “range voting”], so we can get 3rd and 4th political parties. We also need all the activities against corporations and organizing at the local/state level. However, as human beings, we face bad choices all the time: “Do I drive a gas car to the grocery store, or do I walk/bike that will exacerbate the need for surgery on my bumb knee?” Making difficult choices is part [of] growing up. Choosing to avoid the choices, and inflicting the horrible consequences on the most vulnerable peoples is not what I would recommend. Please reconsider your position.”

  9. I agree with you, David, and appreciate your courage to take this principled stand. The most critical issue to me is the climate crisis. The last time Earth had a month of normal temperatures — compared to the 20th century — was in February 1985, according to data collected from over 25,000 weather stations. Nineteen of the last 20 years are now the warmest on record. The ocean continues to accumulate heat and has warmed relentlessly since around 1990. We have little time left before large parts of the Earth will be uninhabitable, making the current coronavirus problem seem like a picnic. We know Biden proposes only half-measures and rejects the Green New Deal, as well as having all the other faults you enumerated so well. I cannot bring myself to vote for him. I will concentrate my efforts down-ballot, especially to flip the Senate.

  10. Like the rest of the vicious DNC, Biden is symbolic of the worst of the status quo: Wall Street pandering, gutting welfare and all programs aimed at alleviating the viciousness of poverty, racism and corporate banditry, war-making for profits, genocides around the world in support of American “exeptionalism,” maintaining an oligarchic duopoly by any and all means available- including any attempt at creating at least a 3rd frontier in this absolutely disgraceful insult to democracy under which the world perpetually suffers. As Ralph Nader pointed out a long time ago- there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two war-mongering and race/class-baiting sides of the same coin which is this duopoly, paraded everywhere politically as the RNC and the DNC. Equally vile, equally destructive for the future of mankind.

    1. And like Norm Chomsky said, the Republican Party is the most dangerous group in history. Which group do you want in power? There are only 2 choices.

  11. No way I will let Trump win and that is what will happen if we do not support Biden. I would vote for Mickey Mouse before I will let Trump win. Your point of view is dangerous for people on the fence (I am not). I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000 and look at where that got us? I voted for Jill Stein in 2016 and look at where that got us? Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.
    No way will I NOT vote for Joe Biden. I don’t like him and I wanted Bernie but even Bernie said it is time to leave this horse race. If Trump gets re-elected he will burn this country down. I have a responsibility as a citizen to do whatever I can to prevent him from doing that. Voting for Biden is the most sensible and patriotic way to go to keep some semblance of our Constitution intact and to keep our country from utter destruction.

    1. Exactly right. The candidates are going to be Biden and Trump, like it or not (and I do NOT like it). But that is the reality, and putting down Biden at this point, factual as it may be, can only work in Trump’s favor. Unless you’re OK with Trump staying in office, hold you nose and VOTE for Biden. Then put real thought and effort (as David has done for so long, regardless of his slip here) into what so desperately needs to be done if we’re to avoid the Big Cliff that looms so close.

  12. The Declaration of Independence states that:
    The People may ALTER or ABOLISH the government and replace with new government if they are obstructing the people’s ability to effect life, liberty, safety and happiness.
    I have a different view on what needs to take place if there is any hope of saving We the People.
    I don’t think that some form of grassroots organizing is a strong enough medicine to eradicate the total corruption within our government. Journalist Daniel Greenfield said : In the absence of a true democracy we should boycott elections. I agree with this admittedly out of the box idea. We the People must boycott elections AND March in HUGE numbers with demands in hand ! I don’t advocate a Revolution because that word comes with negative connotations, but rather a Resolution and it must include abolishing our current government. It is stale, dysfunctional and corrupt throughout. The politicians WILL NOT save us – this has been proven decade after decade. Voting for ANY of these evil bozos won’t fix a damned thing,!
    (After Coronavirus)

  13. This is an impressively nihilistic and unprincipled position. In the existing world, we are always making tactical decisions. Only those living in isolation on a mountain top get to have the narcissistic pleasure of a morally pure position. Those interested in actually moving the ball on real institutions and policies have to consider the actual operations of the actual world. One way or another, a newly elected president will appoint cabinet members, nominate Supreme Court justices, sign or veto new laws, and give directives that can start and end war operations. In the existing framework, barring unpredictable circumstances, there are two extremely different figures offered by the existing institutional framework: Trump or Biden. They offer starkly different options in terms of policy. To see the difference, simply imagine that Clinton had been elected to office four years ago instead of Trump. We’d have a different Supreme Court, better climate change policy, and a less disastrous level of dysfunction in government. Since elections and electoral participation are only the most minor of all activities, participating in them is not a distraction. Since there are starkly clear differences in the moral consequences of the two candidates, the moral position is clear for anyone with a clear-eyed, principled position (we have a responsibility to use our power and privilege morally–and undocumented people as well as Central American refugees seeking entry in the US, to give just one example, face a very different future under Trump v. under Biden). Since supporting the least evil available option does not involve moral compromise, we can advocate the least evil option from a principled position. It’s like buying a car–you don’t get to buy the car in your imagination, you must choose between the actual available options on the lot.

  14. My only hope at this point is that Biden, if he wins, will choose Elizabeth Warren or Stacey Adams for his vice president. They will be in front row seats to influence him and hold his feet to the fire. Both of those women are fierce with very loud voices connected to the microphone of the American people. They will keep us alert and in the game –

    1. Biden should become a progressive!

      And food should all be flowers!

      And birds should all shit lemon drops!

      It’s a plan!

    2. Hold On! Elizabeh Warren among other things is a WARMONGER!
      I read in LeftVoice an article stating in 2017 she pushed a $700 Billion Department of Death budget which was $70 Billion MORE than what Trump was even asking for at that time!
      You know the movie Groundhog Day when Bill Murray kept stepping off the curb into the puddle of icy water over and over and over again? We can’t keep voting for what the cabal serves up over and over and over again. We keep getting what my mom called Mush Mash. If you think things will get even remotely tangibly better having Sleazeball Biden with complications from Dementia as Prez and VP Warmonger Elizabeth Warren then you’ve just stepped into that freezing puddle AGAIN! No offense intended
      and YES – Our Government needs a serious makeover!

  15. I was a life-long Democrat until the summer of 2006. That was the year I read that Nancy Pelosi said that “impeachment of Bush/Cheney was OFF THE TABLE” if the Dems won back the House in November of that year – which they did.

    It was clear to me that Bush/Cheney had committed war crimes in both Iraq and Afghanistan by that time, but the Dems weren’t going to do anything about that? Immediately I thought, “So what good would voting for ANY Democrat do? We are going to get the same result NO MATTER WHAT!”

    Fast forward to today. The Dems were ready to impeach Donald Trump over a completely bogus claim that he colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 election. Then they REALLY impeached him for falsely claiming that he made a quid-pro-quo deal with the President of Ukraine last year, when we have unequivocal video evidence that Joe Biden did the EXACT SAME THING that they were accusing Donald Trump of! The Dems offered us Hillary “We came, we saw, he DIED” Clinton in 2016 as THEIR preferred candidate. Whoopee, I was SO THRILLED that we had a REAL CHOICE in this election! (not)

    Need I go on? I can, but then I would be going on for the rest of the day (at least).

    The Dems are blind to the GLARING faults of their own leaders, and nowhere is this more important to me than in the area of “climate science”. This is not science at all, but rather horror-story fiction. The Dems are completely unable/unwilling to admit that their heroes, such as Al Gore, are LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH TO THEM! There is no global warming, temperatures have remained flat for the past 20+ years, the ice caps are NOT melting, the ocean levels are NOT rising, and polar bears are NOT going extinct! Temperature data is being deliberately manipulated by the psychopathic elite that actually control the whole world now. What they wanted to do was crash the entire world’s economies, so that they alone can rule without any fear of competition from the middle-class. This is communism, but it’s going APPEAR like corporatism, when Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft are the only companies will be allowed to exist anymore. It’s effectively the same thing as communism, when only the top 0.1% benefit, and everyone else is struggling to survive as impoverished slaves.

    If you doubt what I’m saying about data manipulation in climate science, then I suggest you read this article: https://realclimatescience.com/61-fake-data/. In fact this entire website if devoted to this subject.

    The political Left is the most brainwashed group of people in the world now. They are incapable of critical thinking, They just accept whatever their leaders tell them, just as long as they have a “D” after their name. This is beyond ridiculous, it borders on the insane.

    1. I agree! Al Gore has made $3O0 MILLION Dollars for himself through a number of phoney organizations he set up. I read fairly recently that his mansion uses 3,500 times more energy in one month than the average family in a year! AND he flies all over the place spewing carbon emissions everywhere he goes. Further proof he’s full of hot air LOL! To top it off I heard him say on the radio when he was running for President that he wanted a CO2 tax taken out of people’s paychecks! I wonder how much tax he’s paying on that 300 MILLION🤔. On his website a had a fancy brochure telling what We the People should do to stop global warming BUT there was NOTHING about what INDUSTRIES should do and his own mansion uses up enough energy in one month to light up the castle at Disneyland at Christmastime! 👿😳😵

    2. Denial is NOT a river in Egypt! And if you don’t believe fossil fuels are heating up the planet, you can’t deny how toxic they are. Plastic use alone has devastated the oceans and is responsible for the death of millions of creatures, including human creatures.

  16. I shared your opinion on Facebook, and boy, did I get lambasted. I’m still on the fence. Of course, I would rather die than vote for Trump. Then there’s Biden who makes me sick. There’s none of the above, and third party. I don’t care for the Green’s candidate this year either. I am in full support of working to fill the legislative branch with progressive Democrats and Independents, but that may even be a harder battle. I remember that I’m just one vote. If my state ends up heavily favoring Trump, I will vote my heart. If it is neck and neck, then harcd choices will have to be made.

    1. Rachael, You got lambasted presumably because people care about policy outcomes, as you should.

      Remember, you’re not voting for Biden as a person, you’re voting for policy sets, and there are literally two available options at this point (barring anything crazy happening between now and November), and the T-set includes things like constantly demonizing Muslims, immigrants, and other non-white groups, pushing war with Iran and confrontation with China, dismantling attempts to halt climate change, and so on. The B-set includes plenty to hate as well, but a lot less to hate. And therefore, the principled approach is to use one’s available power, in this case the franchise, to influence the outcome in favor of the B-set, thereby avoiding the far more catastrophic T-set.

    2. Kelly Dougherty

      It’s all about the Supreme Court. It cannot be risked this time around. Maybe in 4 years this argument is valid. Now is too critical. Teach the Democratic Party a lesson another day. And you can’t trust the poles. Vote smart, not heart.

  17. Excerpt from So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
    by Douglas Adams

    [An extraterrestrial robot and spaceship has just landed on earth. The robot steps out of the spaceship…]

    “I come in peace,” it said, adding after a long moment of further grinding, “take me to your Lizard.”

    Ford Prefect, of course, had an explanation for this, “It comes from a very ancient democracy, you see…”

    “You mean, it comes from a world of lizards?”

    “No,” said Ford, “nothing so simple. Nothing anything like so straightforward. On its world, the people are people. The leaders are lizards. The people hate the lizards and the lizards rule the people.”

    “Odd,” said Arthur, “I thought you said it was a democracy?”

    “I did,” said Ford, “It is.”

    “So,” said Arthur, hoping he wasn’t sounding ridiculously obtuse, “why don’t the people get rid of the lizards?”

    “It honestly doesn’t occur to them,” said Ford. “They’ve all got the vote, so they all pretty much assume that the government they’ve voted in more or less approximates to the government they want.”

    “You mean they actually vote for the lizards?”

    “Oh yes,” said Ford with a shrug, “of course.”

    “But,” said Arthur, going for the big one again, “why?”

    “Because if they didn’t vote for a lizard,” said Ford, ‘the wrong lizard might get in.”

    1. Exactly!

      Old McDonakd had a farm
      And on his farm he had some Lizards
      He had a Lizard HERE and a Lizard THERE. Here a Lizard There a Lizard. EVERYWHERE a Lizard Lizard!
      Old McDonald had a farm
      ☮️ Boycott Elections

  18. Right on, David. I stopped voting for evil several elections ago and refuse to support it ever again. The Democratic party needs to know we will not support their war-mongering, corporate shills.

  19. Here is the problem with lesser evilism. I honestly don’t know that Biden is less evil than Trump. And that is a sad conclusion. All I can say is both are evil. Worse still, lesser evilism becomes more evil with each election.

    As you point out, not only evil but both greater evils. Sanders was also my compromise, my lesser evil vote. Any evil worse than Sanders would be not only intolerable but an existential threat to the survival of our society.

  20. Why won’t you people get your facts straight instead of being mascots and mouthpieces for Fake News outlets. Obama put the kids in cages. Period. Trump did not. Many of the policies you people hate so much were enacted under Clinton, increased under Obama and finally criticized under Trump. But the people that have such a problem with the policies didn’t have a problem with the same policies under Democrat administrations which is also when the media didn’t see any news fit to print or report about it, at the time. Same policies, same procedures! Why didn’t you demonize Obama and Clinton like you have Trump?

    1. Perhaps your failure to grasp that I’m a person rather than a bunch of people has something to do with your inability to scroll back through my website to read all the denunciations and protests and demands for impeachment of Obama — or to think through whether this website goes back to the disastrous Clinton days, but more likely it’s just your immersion in a hyperpartisan culture of stupidity and animosity that makes you incapable of believing that someone could exist who opposes the same horrors from both parties. Of course you can’t recognize such a person in yourself because you pretend Trump is doing a good job.

  21. It is simple really, if you want capitalism and America to continue vote trump. If you want socialism (socialism is not what many people think, it has constantly failed in many countries and often leads to communism), vote Harris. They will most likely remove Biden, because he is in my opinion, unfit to hold office. The 25th amendment committee is being prepared. Harris and her radical agenda will be president. Don’t listen to the biased media, research on your own about Harris. It is your choice. Vote wisely. If you hate or like trump it is irrelevant, the choice is clear.

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