What's Happening in Moldova

Initial thoughts on being asked by a journalist just now:

Moldova sits between Ukraine, where the US has helped engineer a coup, and Romania where NATO intends to open new headquarters and engage in new war games. At last year’s NATO meeting in Wales a proposal was made to bring Moldova more closely into NATO operations, since which time Moldova has contributed troops to NATO operations in Kosovo, which of course allows NATO greater access to Moldova, despite its wise Constitutional commitment to neutrality. Last year NATO warned that Russia could attack Moldova — the sort of warning that is likely to be a projection of a NATO desire to occupy Moldova — something NATO is actually quite open about. It has wanted Moldova in the EU and in corporate trade agreements with the EU — and Moldova signed such an agreement with the EU last year, in contrast to Ukraine’s failure to do so prior to the coup. Six weeks ago the U.S. State Department expressed its support for Moldova’s new government and progress toward “EU integration.” When a colored revolution develops it makes sense to search for manipulation in the background by the U.S. State Department, USAID, US Institute of Peace, the National Endowment for Democracy, the CIA, etc., but there is no guarantee that it is there. In fact, such revolutions, even when promoted by the U.S. government, have always included numerous well-meaning people with legitimate grievances, and have always inspired people around the world with the power of nonviolent action to effect change. It’s possible that the new movement in Moldova is to the U.S. State Department whan Frankenstein’s monster was to Dr. Frankenstein — a creation no longer under its creator’s control. It’s possible that the people of Moldova are in control of their fate. In any case, we ought to insist assist them in such and agree on a policy of non-interference by all outside nations and alliances.

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