What Radio Can Be: Recent Shows from Talk Nation Radio

Talk Nation Radio airs for 29 minutes a week on dozens of radio stations and is free to any others that want it. The show is syndicated by Pacifica Network and also available at Soundcloud.com, Archive.org, and TalkNationRadio.org. It can be embedded on any website. If you like what you hear please ask your local stations to air the show and to let me know they are doing so.

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Listen to these recent shows for free:

James Marc Leas on Canceling the F-35

Timeka Drew on Protecting Voter Rights

Emily Johnston and Annette Klapstein on why they shut down pipelines

Ann Wright on the Women’s Boat to Gaza and Being Kidnapped by Israel in International Waters

Samantha Nutt on the Harm of Weapons Dealing and Investment

Benjamin Madley on the California Indian Catastrophe

Reese Erlich and Coleen Rowley on Syria, War, and Peace

Elizabeth Murray and John Kiriakou on Working in a Corrupt Government and Whistleblowing

Christopher Simpson and Kathy Kelly on Media, War, Peace, and Imperialism

Maurice Carney and Harvey Wasserman on Racism, Environmentalism, and Ending War

Pat Alviso and David Hartsough on Acting to End War

Judy Bello on Syria, Gar Alperovitz on Ending War

John Pilger Describes World Perspective on U.S. Politics

Phil Wilayto on Ukraine, Poland, and the Dangers of the New Cold War

Jill Stein on Why You Should Help Make Her President of the United States

Edward Hasbrouck: Extend Selective Service to Women or End it for Men?

Joseph Gerson on NATO’s Drive Toward War with Russia

Mel Duncan on why unarmed civilian protection is better than war

Harvey Wasserman on Environmental and Antiwar Activism

Peter Kuznick on Untold Nuclear History and No War 2016

Sandy Davies on Asking World’s Help in Resisting U.S. Crimes

Ahmed Salah on Masterminding the Egyptian Revolution

Sam Husseini on Greatness of Katharine Gun, How to Vote, and Hillary v. Muslims

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: U.S. Was Always at War

Meike Capps-Schubert on U.S. Military Resistance in Germany

Jean Trounstine and Karter Reed on Murder, Juvenile Injustice, and Redemption

Peter Enns on How Public Punitiveness Led to Mass Incarceration

John Dear on Catholic Church Rejecting “Just War” Theory

John Hanrahan on Avaaz’s Warmongering

Gregory Shupak on the Case Against Bombing ISIS

Margaret Kimberley on Politics, Scams, and Activism

Erin Aubry Kaplan on Loving Obama No Matter What


David Cochran on the Abolition of War

Seth Kershner on the Campaign to Demilitarize U.S. Schools

Holly Sterling on the unjust imprisonment of her CIA whistleblower husband

Mary Anne Grady Flores from Jail on Why She Protested Killer Drones

Harvey Wasserman on the Stripping and Flipping of Elections

Dahlia Wasfi on the Past Quarter Century of U.S. Bombing of Iraq

Elliott Adams on third party non-violent intervention in the West Bank

Patrick Hiller on Discoveries Made by Peace Science

Bill Fletcher Jr. on Justice for the People of Western Sahara

Colin Beavan on How to Be Alive

Cynthia McKinney’s Real State of the Union

Cian Westmoreland, former U.S. Air Force technician in Afghanistan, speaks against war

William Arkin on the Most Militarized Universities in the United States

Chris Williams on How Paris Set the Earth on a Course to Burn

Jon Schwarz on Secret Unaccountable Government

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