We Support Rush Holt for Intelligence Committee Chair

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We Support Rush Holt for Intelligence Committee Chair!
Holt is honest & intelligent; we need honest intelligence.

We, the undersigned, urge the Honorable Speaker Nancy Pelosi to appoint Rep. Rush Holt to be the next Chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

Rep. Holt has outstanding qualifications as a Princeton physicist, State Department arms control expert, solar energy patent holder, and 5-time Jeopardy champion. (The Nation’s David Corn has laid out some of Holt’s qualifications in this seminal piece.

It is important to us that Rep. Holt was not deceived by the Bush/Cheney Administration’s Iraq War lies. And since those lies were exposed by the Downing Street Memos, Rep. Holt has played a key role in demanding both investigation and accountability for those lies.

He has actively fought against the politicization of intelligence, which is crucial for making wise policy choices. The leadership he exhibited in sponsoring H.Res 363, an ROI to disclose information on the outing of Valerie Plame is emblematic of his commitment to protecting the safety and integrity of our intelligence agencies.

Unfortunately, we will soon reach another tragic milestone of 3,000 U.S. deaths in Iraq, along with approximately 655,000 Iraqi civilian deaths. Yet the Bush Administration has continued to stonewall the truth about why we are in Iraq, and continued to insist that we will continue occupying Iraq for years to come.

However, on November 7th, the American people spoke clearly–it’s time for a change in Iraq policy. Under Democratic leadership, the House Intelligence Committee must ask the hard questions that the Republican Congress would never ask.

We believe Rep. Rush Holt has the backbone to ask those tough questions – and to demand honest answers. We also believe that Rep. Holt has the brains to occupy this particularly demanding position, where the Chair is often not even allowed to share new information with staff or other Congress members.

We strongly encourage Speaker Pelosi to appoint Rep. Holt to Chair this committee.

Backbone Campaign
Progressive Democrats of America

Please copy and paste the above text and Email it to Nancy Pelosi

You can also phone Speaker-Designate Pelosi at 202-225-4965.

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