War and Military Spending Means Fewer Jobs, Perriello Claims Opposite

By David Swanson

The evidence is clear that there is nothing Congress can do to produce fewer jobs than borrowing money and spending it on wars and the military. Even cutting taxes produces more jobs. Investing in nonviolent industries, in education, in energy, in transportation, in infrastructure produces more jobs and does more for the economy.

But my representative, Tom Perriello, said in an Email today:

I supported the Defense Appropriations Bill, which also included three of my requests for companies in the 5th District that will create jobs in the important areas of defense technology and intelligence. While working to enhance our national security, these companies in Martinsville, Buckingham County, and Danville will also have the opportunity to provide skilled, good-paying jobs to local residents.

This is one step forward and three steps back, while funding the slaughter of human beings in distant lands, and Perriello knows it.

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