Wanted to Hire: Someone who can convert websites from Drupal to WordPress

I have four Drupal websites, two of them quite large, that I need to convert to WordPress, because I’m unable to deal with all the updating that Drupal requires. A month and a half ago, I hired a guy named David Gusick who did part of the job and was paid for it, but still hasn’t given me the work he did. I’ve given up on him. I’m looking to hire someone who can do the job in a reasonable and agreed upon amount of time for a reasonable and agreed upon price to be paid upon completion. The job requires moving thousands of posts, pages, and images, and working with WordPress to make them all accessible, including the images, in WordPress. It does not require designing the new WordPress sites beyond adjusting templates to make images visible. If you’re interested, please send resume and references to david AT davidswanson.org.

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