Virgil Goode Claims to Represent Real Virginia

By David Swanson

Watch this offensive clip from a recent Virgil Goode rally with remarks by Virginia State Delegate Don Merricks and Congressman Virgil Goode:

I grew up in Fairfax County, in Northern Virginia, and I’ve lived for several years in the Fifth District, currently misrepresented by Virgil Goode, who I would think would be the last person to want to bring up discussions of real and fake. His solution to disastrous economic policies is to support them and bash immigrants. That’s a fake solution. His solution to the related disaster of foreign occupations is to support and fund them but bash Muslims. That’s a fake solution. I didn’t cease to be a fake person when I moved down here. I just acquired a fake representative in Congress who should be shown a real door on November 4th.

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