'US president, Congress not representing public on wars'

From Press TV


David Swanson, American author and antiwar activist, says the U.S. president and Congress do not represent the American public on matters of war and military spending.


“We have two thirds of the country opposing the wars. We have a majority wanting wars ended right away… we have a majority wanting to move money from the military to where it’s needed,” Swanson, the author of “War Is A Lie,” told Press TV’s U.S. Desk on Wednesday.


He said various problems with U.S. “communication system” and “electoral system” as well as “the incredible influence that the military machine and its profiteers have over Congress-members,” further disenfranchise the American public.  


Beyond the “motives” of U.S. politicians for wars, which is to “control the oil, and control the territory, and station bases and weapons, and look tough on elections and please the media talking heads,” Swanson said “there is a great deal of money to be made in these wars.”

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