Two Chances to Change the World

We’re headed rapidly toward a disastrous attack on Iran, an acceptance of permanent occupation of Iraq, over 1,000 US military bases in other people’s countries, and the point of no turning back on global warming.

No matter how deeply your television has ingrained into your head the anti-democratic notion that the candidates you like and the candidates you should support are two different things, you can still use the money-soaked corrupt primary system we have to impact Congress immediately and reverse the apocalyptic direction of Washington.

Here are two chances.

First, the Kucinich Campaign has asked us to take a different approach to the mad consumerist holiday season that is supposed to begin this Friday, November 23rd. Here’s what’s wrong with the current plan:

Here’s the new proposal: On Black Friday purchase a gift that we can pass on to our children, a better America, a free America, the protection of our democracy!

If we can get 10,000 people to contribute $100, we can meet our goal of One Million Dollars in one day!
Contribute here:

Second, citizens have begun organizing an independent effort to outdo this official one. People have begun pledging to send the Kucinich campaign $100 on Saturday, December 15, the anniversary of the day the Bill of Rights took effect.

The goal is for 100,000 people to contribute $100 for a total of $10 million.

Please pledge here:

While it is considered a very wise and knowing observation to assert that Kucinich cannot win, it is indisputable that if every person (including you!) who supports Kucinich’s positions were to send him $100, it would impact Congress, impact the other candidates, and throw at least a little doubt on some accepted wisdom. It might not change who wins the election, but it might very well change the question of whether we elect a president or a dictator, not to mention the question of whether we end the occupation of Iraq.

For this to work, however, you cannot wait for everyone else to go first. You have to go to and pledge to do your part. As the number of those pledging (which is posted on the site) grows, you will see the potential of each individual’s contribution grow. If you recruit everyone you know to make the pledge as well, together we will change much more than a presidential campaign.

Please pledge now to tell Washington to IMPEACH using the only language it understands, the dollar:

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