Top 50 New Names for War on Iraq

By David Swanson

On Friday afternoon, I posted the following announcment online:

CONTEST: Obama Calls War on Iraq “A New Dawn” — What Do You Call It? (Limit 8 Words)

I’ll start the entries:
Operation Funnel Unlimited Cash to Killing (OFUCK)

The winner will be announced on an aircraft carrier with a banner! Plus job offer possible for video editing work to insert “rename” in place of “end” in campaign speeches.

Winner gets signed copy of Daybreak, latest issue of Humanist magazine, a bucket of snow, and anything else I can find.


Perhaps not the most tempting offer ever, but here it is Saturday afternoon and I’m scrolling through hundreds of creative and provocative contest entries, and I’m keeping the contest open and hunting for more prizes, so that more people can enter. I’d also like to encourage people to post comments on their choices thus far for winning entries.

Here are some that have caught my eye (not a list of finalists, just a sampling):

A New Pawn
A New Drain
Bloody Fingered Dawn
An Old Quagmire
Operation WTF???
Operation Bombs USA Military Madness Everywhere Redux (OBUMMER)
Operation Flush More Lives Down the Toilet
Fucking for Virginity!
Operation Lockheed Martin
Operation Exxon
Operation Take Iraq’s Oil
The Baghdad Follies
The War to End All Sanity
Illegal War of Aggression
The War on Terra (TWOT)
Operation Hopey Changey – The 2010 Midterm Surge
Festering Twilight of the US War Lords
Operation WETSAND: War Escalating Terror & Strategically Allocating NATO Defenses
Pissing Blood on the Grand Chessboard
Coalition to Revitalize American Profiteers (CRAP)
Bushama’s War
The Barack War
The Never Ending Mission Accomplished
Operation Tears
Baath Blood & Beyond
Operation Nobel Prize
Operation Damnation
Blunder Thunder
ROOSH: Regardless of Outcome Save Halliburton
Operation Dead Children – The Obama Years
Operation Wasted Lives
Scheme to Hoard All Mideast Energy (SHAME)
Operation Oil Producing State (OOPS)
Line in the Quicksand
Operation Because We Can
Operation Never Learn
Operation Tar Baby
Desert Scam
Operation Iraqicide
Operation Bomb All Muslims Aeronautically (OBAMA)
Operation Realize W.’s Every Last Longing (ORWELL)
USCOID: United States’ Complusive Obsessive Invasions Disorder
Operation Hate US for our Freedom
Never Ending War, Waste And Ruin (NEW WAR)
The War on Iraqis
Retaining the Utterly Insane Neocon Strategy (RUINS)
Operation You Can Take That to the Bank, Suckers
Stupid Hateful Armed Madness (SHAM)
Our Highest Priority Is Slaughtering Strangers (OHPISS)
Operation Fuster Cluck
American Budgetary Apocalypse
Hell Over Petroleum’s Earth (HOPE)
Secret Corporate Redistribution of Everyone’s Wealth – Utter Stupidity (SCREWUS)
Military Occupation Forever Operation (MOFO)
Our Military Youth Go Occupy Deathcamps (OMYGOD)
Never Ending Story
Never Again

Think you can top those? Feeling inspired? Most of your tax money goes to pay for these wars. Here’s your chance to name one.

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