Tonight They Try to Escalate the War

Tonight the House of Representatives will try to vote over $30 Billion to escalate the war in Afganistan.  Here’s how it’s expected to go down (thanks to Peace Action for some of this):

First they’ll vote on unemployment insurance as a stand-alone bill.

Then, following some unrelated votes, they’ll debate and vote on the Rule for the Supplemental.  Rules are procedural votes that caucuses of congress members serious about blocking something can vote against.  Progressives don’t tend to be serious, but there’s a first time for everything, and we should ask them to vote No on the Rule.  A small group of Blue Dogs and Progressives is urging this.

Then they’ll debate and vote on amendments to the supplemental.  These are expected to include two good amendments to the war spending, which risk however providing members who vote Yes on the money the excuse that they also voted Yes on good amendments. 

Presumably the amendments will also include an amendment for spending on useful things like disaster relief and schools.  Perhaps the war escalation spending will also be voted on as an amendment — it’s not clear.

Then the “last votes” will come in the evening. Presumably these will include a vote on the complete package of the Supplemental.

Regardless of exactly how it goes, our demand is simple: VOTE NO!

Vote No on the Rule!  Vote No on the war escalation funding if offered separately!  Vote No on a bill that includes the war escalation funding!

We’ve already identified more than enough Democratic No votes to stop this train if the Republicans vote No for their own crazy reasons (and some Republicans oppose the war).

Call your Representative through the Capitol Hill switchboard: (202) 224-3121 and Email 21 key members with one click.

Now’s the time to get them on record opposing any more funding for these wars ever.

Check where things stand and report on your progress at

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