The War on Dissent

Issue 40

64 Pages: This month’s 3-part Cover Story, The War On Dissent, tells how legitimate protest and freedom of speech in the United States are being suppressed. Other stories include a satire on Sarah Palin; an essay on Britain in the 70s; the battle over photographs of a dying soldier; Gaza’s tunnel economy; toxic dumping at sea; relieving the sickness of pacifism; the media and the continuing financial crisis; secrecy, lies, power and the Pentagon papers, and much, much more. Writers this month are Patrick Robbins, Shamus Cooke, David Swanson, David Jack, Fred Reed, Chris Hedges, Norman Solomon, Bill berkowitz, George Monbiot, Yasha Levin, Joe Bageant, Clay Reynolds, Danny Schechter, David Michael Green, John Pilger, Allan Uthman, Eric Ruder and William Blum.

This month’s READER EXTRA is Bombs Bursting In Air, an excerpt from the new book A Bomb In Every Issue: How The Short, Unruly Life Of Ramparts Magazine Changed America, by Peter Richardson.

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