The Top 10 Reasons Not To Impeach Dick Cheney

10. If we just wait one more year, only a couple of more hundred thousand Iraqis and some hundreds of US troops will die – nothing to get excited about.

9. In the next year we’ll probably only launch at most one more foreign war beyond the ones we’re running now.

8. Our actions might not provoke an attack in this country, and we can worry about that after it happens.

7. Even starting in 2009 we’ll still have several years left in which we can try to reverse global warming if we hurry.

6. The millions of American families about to lose their homes to foreclosures will only have one winter to brave and it may be a warm one anyway.

5. Right around the corner a mere 10 months away, a completely unreliable and probably fraudulent election will elect a new president and vice president.

4. If we’re lucky, the new president won’t be a crazy old senator who wants to stay in Iraq for 10,000 more years.

3. If we’re really lucky future presidents and vice presidents will go ahead and obey laws even though they’re not required to anymore.

2. If Nancy Pelosi won’t risk anything to make impeachment happen, it just must not be very important. Besides, who would have oral sex with Dick Cheney anyway?

And the number one reason not to bother impeaching Dick Cheney….

1. George W. Bush could become president.

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