The Relevance of Marching

The Relevance of Marching
By David Swanson

David Corn,, published an article today on his site and on arguing that last weekend’s march on Washington to end the war was a waste of time and money and energy and won’t help end the war. I disagree, but think Corn makes some useful points.

Corn’s arguments include:
1-these marches always result in debates over how many people showed up
2-not enough people showed up
3-there’s nothing novel about marching anymore
4-more people watched “Desperate House Wives” than marched
5-the marchers are all from blue states, so the Republicans don’t care
6-only one national march in the past 20 years has accomplished anything
7-we’d be better off targeting vulnerable Senators and Members of Congress

1.-Yes, there are always debates over how many people showed up. Some among those organizing this march made proposals that I supported but which were not accepted or acted on, to either carefully estimate the crowd as the march began and passed through a marked off area, or to acquire a good enough satellite photo to estimate crowd size. But the media coverage

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