The Need to Abolish War

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, January 10, 2021

I did a 3-hour webinar last night on this topic and the current madness of U.S. politics.

The organizers promised to send the video right away, so I’ll add it here when I get it.

Meanwhile, here’s a Powerpoint, and the same thing as a PDF.





1 thought on “The Need to Abolish War”

  1. David, you’ve created a milestone of clarity and persuasion in a mere 50 slides of a document. The only page I don’t understand is page 48, “We don’t talk so good.” What is the explanation for each item?

    Your greatest strength is staying on this one subject, ending all wars forever. All the other subjects of social contention hang from that in their competing for dominance in the turmoil we have today. Stay with it, don’t get into scrabbling over social programs fighting each other along the whole spectrum from individual freedom to free-market capitalism to socialism to totalitarian control in the name of social justice, to abolishing of the individual in the name of group solidarity.

    Bear in mind that even the largest collective body is only the sum of each of its individual members. You cannot achieve justice for some by taking it from others. Everyone matters, not only my group versus your group. Exploitation in any form is slavery and a form of human sacrifice and cannibalism. Those “inevitable” things have deep roots persisting from our animal forerunners. To eradicate them will take conscious will. Gradual evolution by itself will not do it.

    Aggression, predation, devious justification, appeals to loyalty and patriotism, brainwashing by every means known to a species more intelligent than it is motivationally ready to handle–all these traits need reconciling into a state of permanent repair from its damaged programming. Love is the natural state of life; hate has to be taught. Our job is to unteach it, universally. You are on the right road. Be careful not to get sidetracked by combative concerns.

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