The Iraq Peace and Reconciliation College Tour

By David Swanson

Mark Manning, who created the amazing film “Road to Fallujah,” sent me information on a new project that should be of interest to peace activists and college students, which sadly are two groups of people without enough overlap. It involves setting up events on college campuses that will include live video-conferencing with Iraqi college students, as well as screenings of Manning’s film. Find out more here:

“The goal of the tour,” Manning says, “is to connect the next generation of leaders of the United States and Iraq, and help them build lasting relationships into the future.

“From my time of living with the civilians of Fallujah, Iraq, I have been motivated by the desire to make a connection possible between the people from differing cultures and on opposing sides of conflict.”

Following the events, Manning says, “the Global Access Media team will then mentor these students in Iraq and the U.S. as they build both personal and organizational relationships.”

Suggesting what I assume to be optimism rather than naivete, Manning says: “The tour will run as the United States withdraws from Iraq and as the Iraqis struggle to maintain control of their new democratic society. There has been an exodus of leaders in Iraq, so these upcoming graduates of Baghdad University will step directly into positions of power. We plan to provide this new generation of leaders the opportunity to build effective relationships with their U.S. counterparts.”

If you want to assist in funding this non-profit project, go to

Also this spring, in a separate project that I’m involved in, peace activists will be planning massive and sustained nonviolent resistance to wars in Washington, D.C., and will be encouraging U.S. college students to use their alternative spring breaks to take part. Be watching for announcements of this opportunity to put understanding into action.

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