The Filibuster Excuse Lives

For the past two years, Congress has pretended that ending a war requires passing a bill and blamed its failure to pass a bill on Republican filibusters and presidential vetoes. The veto excuse is gone. But the pretense that a bill is needed is firmly entrenched, and the filibuster excuse lives. The Democrats will have, at best, 59 senate seats in their caucus, unless Obama appoints a Republican senator to a plum position or Congress provides the people of Washington, D.C., with representation in their government. The need for a strong peace movement is greater than ever. The crowd that launched an aggressive war based on transparent lies is riding happily off into the sunset. And the new crowd (which has a lot of the same faces in it) has before it the task of holding absolute power in its hands without being corrupted. They can’t do that without our help.

United for Peace and Justice 4th National Assembly
December 12-14, 2008, Chicago, IL

There is still time for you to make your plans to participate in the UFPJ 4th National Assembly. You can help set the direction for the peace and justice movement as we prepare for effective and united action in this new period.

If you attend, or even if you don’t, please urge UFPJ to adopt a position in support of accountability for war crimes:

Progressive Democrats of America Annual Grassroots Leadership Conference
January 17-18, 2008, Washington DC

As the nation prepares for the inauguration of President Barack Obama, please join the Progressive Democrats of America national team for our Annual Grassroots Leadership Conference at the University of the District of Columbia.

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