The December 8th Project

John Lennon believed that artists can change the world, and that each of us has a responsibility to create a better future.  We are gathering creative people on the 30th anniversary of his murder, to do good. Human beings can be killed, but the power of human creativity endures.

Each participant’s name is linked to a place where you can purchase his/her work. They have pledged to donate any 12/8/10 royalties via this link to the charity listed after the link.

Let’s rewrite the story of December 8th. “A dream we dream alone is just a dream. A dream we dream together is reality.”

Marley Brant, author, donating to The Salvation Army

Mike Gerber, author, donating to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Bob Harris, TV and travel writer, donating to

Jackie Martling, comedian/radio personality, donating to Rock and Wrap It Up

Devin McKinney, author, donating to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Joseph Moore, writer/photographer, donating to Doctors Without Borders

Rip Rense, writer, donating to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Mike Sacks, author, donating to the Ronald McDonald House

Jon Schwarz, writer, donating to Consortium News

David Swanson, author, donating to Courage to Resist

Crystal Zevon, Writer, donating to Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence

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