The Changes Are A-Timing

By David Swanson

We moved George Doubleya to Dallas
And Dick Cheney to McLean
Let’s put Our torture victims
On an American-built plane

We moved our occupation
To Vietghanistan
Let’s Move Guantanamo to Bagram
And pretend we have a plan

To restore the Constitution
With a brand new PATRIOT Act
Identical to the old one
But presented with more tact

We’ll make laws with signing statements
Only when necessary
And we’ll only shout “State Secrets!”
Approved by Justice Fairies

We’ll release our visitor logs
And celebrate our purity
We’ll only make exceptions
For national securtity

We’ll detain you without limit
Without charge and without trial
But will talk of peace and justice
and limitations all the while

We’ll fund the largest army
in the history of the globe
And let the CIA decide
on any torture probe

There will be so much to celebrate
You won’t have time to wonder
Why healthcare and trading fair
And workers’ rights have just about vanished under

The fog of a wartime government
Now that the wars are good
A few more years of wartime
And you’ll hush up like you should

Stay out of the way and give us a chance
What can you help by whining?
We’re secretly with you
It’s all just a stance
For the changes they are a-timing

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