The Calm Before

By David Swanson

It’s very, very early morning on Saturday, August 27, in Crawford, Texas. The roads are as dark as Dick Cheney’s heart, and the stars as numerous as W’s lies. All hell has not yet broken loose and may or may not do so later today. But the police are telling the media that they’re preparing for trouble. And Camp Casey 2 ran a workshop yesterday on how to nonviolently respond to hostility. (Watch video on

Huge numbers of supporters of Cindy Sheehan are expected here today, along with a rumored crowd of pro-war activists (whether it will be of any size remains to be seen). And then there’s the rumor that local military recruiters will work the crowd if it materializes at the high school stadium. This is one of those rumors that makes a little too much sense to seem true. What, after all, does it mean to be a pro-war activist if not to sign up and engage in the war?

Tonight at Camp Casey 2 there were a couple of hundred people around through the evening. We ate and enjoyed the performances of some extremely talented musicians and singers. Then we all gathered ’round as Cindy did an interview from the middle of the tent with Bill Maher on his HBO show. I hope to upload at some point a video we taped of the event that does not show what Maher said (we couldn’t hear him), but does include shots of the crowd, which Maher could not see (we were all behind the camera), but which he clearly heard

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