Thanks for Investigating Those Outrageous Rumors About the US Executing Handcuffed Children

By David Swanson

At the first of the year, a story hit the news about US-led troops executing 8 handcuffed kids in Afghanistan. I blogged about it. The outrage was tremendous. How dare I comment on such atrocious reporting? Didn’t I know the president was now a Democrat and wars were tools of peace? Surely I was just making it all up.

So, I blogged again, citing all the sources of information. Of course, I couldn’t know what happened, but the grounds for an investigation were overwhelming. Now Dave Lindorff reports on his efforts to investigate further. And you know how many of those outraged liberals who wanted to better verify the facts have lifted their little finger to look into the matter at all? How many investigations have been conducted or reports produced? How many individuals subpoenaed or prosecuted?

The answer is a measure of what’s left of our national decency: ZERO.

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