Talk Nation Radio: Marc Eliot Stein on Technology and Peace Activism

Marc Eliot Stein is a member of World BEYOND War’s Board of Directors. I’m the Executive Director of World BEYOND War. Marc has been a web developer since the 1990s, and over the years has built sites for Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, the international literary site Words Without Borders, the Allen Ginsberg estate, Time Warner, A&E Network/History Channel, the U.S. Department of Labor, the Center for Disease Control, and Meredith Digital Publishing. He is also a writer, and for years he maintained a popular literary blog called Literary Kicks using the pen name Levi Asher (he still runs the blog, but has ditched the pen name). Marc has begun creating a new podcast for World BEYOND War ( ), as well as helping World BEYOND War with social media, website issues, and the antiwar movement within the Information Technology world.

Total run time: 29:00
Host: David Swanson.
Producer: David Swanson.
Music by Duke Ellington.

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1 thought on “Talk Nation Radio: Marc Eliot Stein on Technology and Peace Activism”

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    We have only one President at a time

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    Love and Peace


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