John Lennon's Death Was Faked

The shooting of John Lennon in 1980 was staged, or at least he didn’t immediately die. Or at least that’s the premise that launches a hilarious work of fiction called “Life After Death (For Beginners)” by Michael Gerber, in which — among other things — Lennon tries to discover who killed him and whether it was for money or politics or love.

I guess it doesn’t sound very hilarious, and I’m guessing that Yoko Ono, who has been a friend to the peace read more

Video: Prophecy: The Human Cost of War

And here’s a new review:

“Prophecy itself, despite the theatrical legacy, is as explosive as this week’s headlines—literally. This is because, besides Iraq, the play has the temerity to give voice to a pro-Palestinian stance—and we know what happens to people who take such positions: They’re reviled and drummed out of the press corps, as veteran reporter Helen Thomas was, after a crotchety answer to an on-the-spot question, which no one needed a Ph.D. to realize wasn’t read more

Prophecies Are For Violating

By David Swanson

I wrote a review of Karen Malpede’s new play “Prophecy” when I had only read but not yet seen it. Karen read the review and invited me to lead the first in a series of talk-back discussions following performances in New York, and I did so on Wednesday. For that incredible privilege I’m glad I wrote that early review, but I’m sorry it was so insufficient as an attempt to convey the intensity of the phenomenon that is “Prophecy.”

“Prophecy” read more

See "Prophecy" in New York

I’ll be leading the discussion following the play on June 2nd.  Hope to see you there. –David Swanson

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The theater is small. The run is short. (The war is long.) Don’t wait.
4 Stars, Critics’ Choice, Time Out, London
May 29 – June 20, 2010
Fourth Street Theater
83 East 4th Street, NYC
Special Memorial Day Weekend Sale, $25!
“It seemed irresistible to talk to Karen Malpede about the provocative Prophecy which begins previews May 29 and runs until June 20.” 
       –Leonard Jacobs, The Clyde Fitch Report
“The play is a thing of beauty. And the unfairness of war to all variety of parties, from those creating it, to those hit by it, to those trying to undo it, to those trying to avoid it, is built into this drama in a manner that reminds me of how James Baldwin dealt with the unfairness of racism.”
–David Swanson,


By purchasing your tickets in advance you help bring Prophecy with its all-star cast to the American stage and assure yourself choice of performance dates.

Art by Luba Lukova
The Abraham-Sarah-Hagar myth echoes through the marriage of Sarah and Alan Golden. She tries to avert the tragedy of a talented young man. His estranged daughter arrives from the Middle East seeing retribution.
Written & Directed by KAREN MALPEDE
Prophecy is presented in association with New York Theater Workshop and with funding from
the Yip Harburg, Puffin, Rubin, Albee Foundations, and our audience.
Advance tickets for Prophecy are now on sale at
Noam Chomsky discusses Prophecy and war and peace,
June 8, 10 pm, New York Theater Workshop.
Free to all ticket holders to any Prophecy performance!
(Performance that night is a benefit for Peace Action)  
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The Horror of War on Stage

By David Swanson

“Prophecy” is the title of a new play by Karen Malpede, and I’m here to attempt the unamerican task of telling you to see it without telling you it’s a comedy. In fact, I’m going to confess that I had to take a break from it and recover before I could write about it. I felt like I’d taken a blow with an enormous sledge hammer, even though I knew that a whole orchestra of smaller instruments had produced what I was feeling.

It was not a bad read more

Movement Music

By David Swanson

“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution,” said Emma Goldman, who might also have said “If we don’t dance, not enough people will work long and hard enough in our revolution.” This is one of the two most useful quotes for Americans right now, the other being another remark by Emma Goldman: “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

But when people ask you, as they tend to ask you, “Shouldn’t read more