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This is a very strange book, at least for someone who doesn’t tend to read serious stories written as comic strips, or anything else written as comic strips.  It’s growing on me, and read more

The Changes Are A-Timing

By David Swanson

We moved George Doubleya to Dallas
And Dick Cheney to McLean
Let’s put Our torture victims
On an American-built plane

We moved our occupation
To Vietghanistan
Let’s Move Guantanamo to Bagram
And pretend we have a plan

To restore the Constitution
With a brand new PATRIOT Act
Identical to the old one
But presented with more tact

We’ll make laws with signing statements
Only when necessary
And we’ll only shout “State Secrets!”
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Springsteen and Young: Music of a Once and Future Democracy

By David Swanson

Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young have just released a pair of incredible albums of protest, one a bone-rattling revival of the best of rebel music of ages past, the other an impassioned attack on our present slide toward fascism. A hundred years from now, if the human race has survived, when a future Springsteen records a future “Seeger Sessions” it will be bound to include the music of Young’s “Living With War.” Also by that time, Young’s read more