Table of Contents of Killing Is Not a Way of Life



Introduction                         9

What Is Hidden                    
Letter From Happy Town                11
Society as a Failed Experiment                14
Free College or Another New War            17
Mayor from Okinawa to Bring Surprising Message    20
Do We Care About People If They Live in Bahrain?    23
A 15-Year Murder Spree                27
Lies About Rwanda                    32
Token Anti-War Guest on Television            36

What World’s Two Biggest Dangers Have in Common     41
The Climate Is Invading the Earth            44
Peacenvironmentalism                46
Turn Left for Earth                    56
The Conscience of a Moderate                60

Can We Really Blame Sociopaths?            65
Torture Is Mainstream Now                72
Juvenile Prison: $5 Billion for Child Abuse        80
If Iraq Were in Central America            86
Nixon’s Treason Now Acknowledged            88
Local Police and Much Else Will Be Militarized     92
On Killing Trayvons                    97
How Is a Prison Like a War                102
Torturer on the Ballot                    111
They Never Announce When You Prevent a War    117
Oppose Force to Save Starving Syrians            121

Everybody’s Got Afghanistan Wrong            129
First 13 Years in Afghanistan Big Success        133

So I Asked the Russian Ambassador What He Thinks    137
Iraq Has WMDs and Russia Has Invaded        140

Why I Don’t Want to See the Drone Memo        143
So That’s Why They Kept the Drone Kill Memo Secret    146
Pay No Attention to Apocalypse Behind the Curtain    148

The Story of Gaza                     158
Israeli Military Calling: Civilizing War Has Failed    162
The Palestinian Right and the American Left        166
Should Israel Teach the Holocaust Less?        168
Guess Who Cheers When Ceasefires Collapse        173
If a Genocide Falls in the Forest            178
Israeli Chooses “Honorable Life” Over Joining Military    182

A Brief History of Iraq for Westerners            186
The Democratic Push to Bomb Iraq Again        189
Back in Iraq, Jack                    192
Top Nine Reasons to Stop Bombing Iraq        195
What to Do About ISIS                200
Warning to War Supporters                203
James Foley Is Not a War Ad                211
If ISIS Were Really a Movie                213
Killed by Congressional Cowardice            216
ISIS, Weapons Makers, Thugs Benefit From This Crime    219
Parliament, Congress Have No Power to Legalize War    222
A Good End Date for the New War Is Today        224
Operation Odysseus’ Butcher Shop            228   
Thoughts of a Beheaded Head                231
U.S. Sends Planes Armed With Depleted Uranium    234   
Urgent: Right-Left Alliance Needed to Stop This War    238

War Culture
Operation Nazification                241
Thermonuclear Monarchy and Revolution        246
The Genius of Erasmus                253
From Helen to Hillary: Women in War            257
The War Activists                    264
War for Dummies                    267
War Is Good for Us, Dumb New Book Claims        270
Honestly, War Is Over                    276
Celebrating Independence From America in England    298
U.S. Out of Germany                    306
A Finger in My Soup                    309
Worth Fighting For?                    316
War in Our Collective Imagination            323
Causes of War Krugman Overlooked            334
War in the Hundred Acre Woods            337
Losing Losers and the Pentagon That Hires Them    341
Monty Python State Department             344
43 Million People Kicked Out of Their
Homes        346
Beyond 935 Lies                    348
Again the Peace Prize Not for Peace            351
Pranking the CIA: The New Get Rich Quick Story    354
War Culture                        360
No More Wars on Anything                363
Valor, Remembrance, and Complicity            366
The World Gets the Wars Americans Deserve        375
Watchers of the Sky Falls in a Pit            380
Watch Schooling the World, Stop Schooling the World    383

What Is Imaginable
Misplaced Lessons of Tahrir                385
One Nation the U.S. Actually Should Liberate        390
When We’re All Musteites                393
Imagine There’re No Countries            401
Which Is Worse, Libertarian or Humanita-Warrior?    407
Mark Udall and the Unspeakable            412
57 Candidates and Nothing On            416
Things, Not People, You Can Vote For            420
Who Says Ferguson Can’t End Well            423
One Day We Will All Strike for More Than One Day    425





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