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From Lila Garrett:

Monday morning at 7 I’ll be back on CONNECT THE DOTS offering the following premiums:

Daybreak By David Swanson 342 pp. Book $100
True Compass Ted Kennedy memoir 532 pp… Book $180
Lila’s interview with Ted Kennedy CD $35
Lila’s Pack All of it $275

TRUE COMPASS by Ted Kennedy, is an instant best seller for good reason. With remarkable candor he goes through his life, with his family, his marriages, his heartbreak and years of struggle in the wake of his brother’s death. He energizes us with his breakthrough legislative history for healthcare, education, peace, social justice. He enchants us with his deep love of the Senate and his unshakable belief in our democratic system. He shows himself no mercy as he take responsibility for the failure of his first marriage and his behavior at Chapaquidick. He enthralls us with his findiing and courting of his second wife Vicki, “the woman who saved me” he calls her. This book will burn itself into your heart. It’s as though he’s in the room with you, telling you and only you this story. You are THERE. You can hear his voice, his humor, his regrets and above all his optimism. Told in the first person, TRUE COMPASS keeps Ted Kennedy alive. A wonderful read!

With it, as a bonus, we send a CD of the interview I did with Ted Kennedy in 2007 in which he blasts Bush for the Iraq war and the right wingers in the Senate for refusing to allow a vote against it to come to the floor. Why didn’t he support impeaching Bush? He tells us. Exciting interview, about him, our government, and us. About 17 minutes.

DAVID SWANSON reporter, author, activist, founder of Downing St. Org, former Communications Director for ACORN will be with us. In a comprehensive 35 minute interview he covers why this right wing Congress is so determined to defund ACORN, one of the country’s most effective organization in helping the poor and voiceless. Why does Congress allow companies like Lockheed, GE, AIG on the other hand, get away with murder, literally, without so much as an investigation? Swanson also analyzes this push to convince the world that Iran has nuclear weapons and ambitions to use them. With no proof to back it up, they’re singing the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” song again. Will our country go for it this time and turn Iran into rubble as we did Iraq? We analyze the differences between the administrations of Bush and Obama. What did Bush do that Obama refuses to undo? Will Congress undertake that task? We’ve been promised renewed regulations of our economy and our justice system? But so far it’s just talk. How do we make it happen? As to healthcare, will this “reform” force the American people to pay a major part of their incomes to the insurance companies with no real guarantee of improved healthcare. Are we better off if they simply kill this toxic bill and start over? David Swan covers it all with calm, reason and incredible knowledge. His book, DAYBREAK, Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union convinces us of the need to go revitalize our Constitution which has been badly shredded during the Bush year.
All coming up Monday morningat 7 on CONNECT THE DOTS. Info. below:

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