Stunning Defense of Israel Window Added to War Memorial Chapel of National Cathedral

The latest architectural detail added to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., is simply stunning. The Defense of Israel Window, revealed on Easter Sunday in the War Memorial Chapel has a great deal of detail. In the center, in fiery reds and oranges an MK84 bomb falls, and then impacts, with huge chunks of buildings, bodies, and limbs, flying out in all directions. Around the sides, bleeding children crawl and wail.

Skeletal people look to the skies and the seas for blue and green humanitarian aid packages that crush them on impact or are lost in the waves as the desperate drown in their pursuit. At the left edge, a beautiful new port is slowly under construction, and high above in rainbow streaks of color F35s crisscross the skies.

The new window was financed by generous gifts from General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin but ended up costing 85 times the initial estimate. The difference is expected to be made up through on-site sales of God Bless America Bibles signed by Donald Trump and framed photographs of President Joe Biden smiling between U.S. and Israeli flags.

3 thoughts on “Stunning Defense of Israel Window Added to War Memorial Chapel of National Cathedral”

      1. Ingenious scheme to reinforce the religious in their devotion to Trump and lock in America’s dedication to Israel. After all, isn’t it the Jewish God whose “son” gained humans alleged immortality?

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