Students Shut Down Capitol Hill

College Students, Veterans, Old Folks Shut Down Capitol Hill (VIDEOS)

By David Swanson

Today was the day for Stop-Loss Congress. We notified every Congress Member and Senator over the past two days that they were being stop-lossed and denied permission to leave until they end the occupation of Iraq. Today we took action. A group of activists dressed as Ghosts of War stood and spoke in the Senate and closed the place down – 10 arrests, I’m told.

Then groups of dozens of people, primarily college students, split up and blocked intersections and garage exits around the Hill. I went with a group of 40 or so to the intersection of Independence Ave. and 1st Street, which we blocked for a long time, with people and coffins and banners and megaphones. Dozens were arrested, most of them college students, some Vets for Peace and other old folks too. I shot video of the whole thing.

Videos May Make You Cry:

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