Struggle to Protect Montenegran Mountains from NATO Finally Making it into Media Outlets

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, November 14, 2022

For years we’ve been screaming at the tops of our lungs the story of the people of Montenegro putting their bodies on the line to save their mountain plateaux from the creation of a military training ground for NATO. (Sign the petition.)

Finally, we’re seeing the story in a few media outlets.

La Repubblica: In Montenegro la resistenza dei pastori al campo Nato

Reporterre: Monténégro : des bergers luttent contre un camp militaire de l’Otan

Radio Télévision Suisse: Un camp d’entraînement soutenu par l’Otan fait débat au Monténégro

Radio France Internationale: Biodiversité contre camp militaire

Not only have these media outlets finally, finally, finally noticed that Sinjajevina exists, but they’ve done so without even bothering with the pretense that the military training ground desired by the government of Montenegro (or some elements thereof) is for the Montenegran military which would get lost in a small corner of it. Instead the fact that NATO is demanding this new base for itself is simply openly acknowledged.

And not a moment too soo, with NATO threatening to attempt war preparations training in Montenegro in May.

The people there will not stand for it.

They’ve done everything people can do to prevent atrocities in democracies. They’ve won over public opinion. They’ve elected officials promising to protect their mountains. They’ve lobbied, protested, and made themselves into human shields. They show no signs of planning to give up, much less to believe the UK that mountain destruction is environmentalism, never mind believing NATO that it’s coming to destroy their homes for the cause of spreading democracy.

For background, watch these videos:

Milan Sekulović on Saving a Mountain in Montenegro

War Abolisher Awards of 2021

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